Tight spaces can be difficult to furnish with big things. When you add something as iconic and attention-grabbing as an Eames chair to your living space, chances are it will leave room for little else. How do we make sure that there is a balance between sizes?

Every room needs flexibility and comfort, apart from great furniture. If you’re thinking about purchasing an Eames Lounge chair replica, along with the famous ottoman, you might find yourself on a bit of a conundrum if you don’t have a big apartment.

Will it fit? Should I put it in the bedroom? Should I just forget about it? Here are three things that you can do to make sure you don’t lose mobility and space.

The beautiful Eames Lounge Chair replica with a gorgeous modern floor lamp.

1. Use the corner approach

A lot of people would be tempted to put their Eames Lounge chair at the front of their living space, that is, in the center of a living room.

This can make things difficult. Consider putting it on a corner in which it can sit quietly. That way, you’re creating a dedicated R&R space for yourself. You know what’s easier than moving furniture around? Moving lamps. If you have one, why not add it to this particular section of your house?

You can put together a small reading cove in your living room, or just somewhere you can binge watch your favorite shows at night without damaging your eyesight. The ottoman from the ELC will come in handy for this reading space.

2. Separate the Eames and the ottoman

Many people will read this and go, how can I ever do that?! They’re one and the same! And yes, it’s true that they’re part of one another, an icon. How can you even think about separating them? The truth is that great design is all about creativity.

The ottoman can make an exceptional chair on its own regard. It will not provide back support, logically, but it can do wonders as an extra seat in your bedroom, kitchen, or in the same space as the recliner, but a little further away.


Get creative, we’re sure that the Eameses wouldn’t mind. Using the ottoman on its own as a centerpiece in the living room, by the way, might be another way to create an interesting space inside your living room.

Using ottomans as coffee tables is a trend that you can really benefit from if you know how to pull it off.

3. Buy the right Eames Lounge chair replica

If your apartment is truly small, and neither of the above options work for you, then maybe you’d be better off with another kind of chair, or even a good designer couch replica.

The ELC under a dim light in the afternoon, with a Tulip Table replica as a side table.

You can purchase our Womb chair replica for example, which is a bit shorter in height and wider. You can also think about a Diamond chair replica or an Eames La Chaise replica.

Do some research on other types of mid-century furniture and you’ll find many jewels that the Eames lounge chair replica tends to overshadow. However, the ELC should always be your first living room option.

There are a lot of replicas that you can purchase right now, but one of the very best ones is at Manhattan Home Design. We keep every detail and feature from the original 1956 design, including the removable cushions and natural reclining angle.


Aside from that, we use top-quality silicon shock mounts that will make your chair last a lifetime. Premium leather and veneers in classic black or a wide variety of colors, and even a big-and-tall version for those over 6’1’’ in height.

We’re very proud of our replica, as is it testament to our passion and commitment for keeping mid-century furniture alive.