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Office chairs are one, if not the, most important aspect of your workplace. Whether you’re working from home or your office, we all spend long periods of time sitting, and it’s killing us. So, hopefully, you’re sitting in a good office chair already. If not, let us help you!

If you work from home, you already know how important your home office is to your everyday life. But, just like any workspace, important aspects like functionality and organization might fall to the wayside during hectic workdays. This is particularly more likely to happen in our homes.

In this blog article, we’ll provide you plenty of information on what you can do to enjoy working from home more, including our top 3 office chairs. These office chairs are our favorite either because they offer great value, great comfort, or great ergonomics.

Short tips to enjoy working from home more

But before we get into our office chairs, here are 9 short tips to enjoy working from home more.

  • Bulletins and dry-erase boards: Instead of cluttering your desk with countless Post-Its, do yourself a favor and put a bulletin board and dry-erase board within easy reach so you never forget anything again.
  • Declutter: Throw away things you don’t use. File away important documents. You will be able to tackle your workload better if you do it in a clean office.
  • Improve your organization: Could you use more drawers to keep it all organized? Filing cabinets? Shelves? Folders? Whatever you need, make it happen.
  • Fill your workspace with things you love: Your workspace shouldn’t be all about work. Surround yourself with things that inspire and motivate you. Just don’t go over our declutter tip above!
  • Let some sunlight in: Move your desk as close to windows as you can so you take advantage of the sun’s natural light during the day.
  • Make your desk part of the décor: Not sure where to start? Check out our collection of office desks.
  • Use extra space for a home office: If you don’t have a home office and don’t know where you can set your own workspace at home, take a gander around your home. You might have a small space, a nook under the stairs, a closet; those can be transformed with the addition of a desk.
  • Assess your office chair: We got back to this because it’s really important! If you feel an ache somewhere at the end of the day, it is definitely time to get a new office chair! The correct ergonomic fit is a must. Take a look at our favorite office chairs and find one that you can adjust to fit your body and support it appropriately.

3 Office Chairs to Enjoy Working at Home More

Eames Ribbed Management Chair

The First High-quality reproduction of our Eames Aluminum Group Office Chairs is the Eames Ribbed Management Chair. This magnificent office chair has a low back that fits well in all kinds of rooms. The Eames Ribbed Management Chair is elegant, comfortable and features a premium leather upholstery, combining gracious lines and a powerful design with functionality. 

The original design by Charles and Ray Eames was part of the famous Eames Aluminum Group of Office Chairs introduced in 1958. This particular office chair is named named after the aluminum side ribs, which hold the one-piece seat-back suspension and creates a sitting pocket that embraces and welcomes the body. 

Our Eames Ribbed Management Chair features

  • Embossed Ribbing: Unlike inferior reproductions, we use stitched ribbing in each of our Eames Ribbed Management Chairs where the upholstery flattens. This embossed ribbing creates a more comfortable experience, just like the original design.
  • Thin, Reliable Aluminum Base: We use the exact same classic Eames style, ultra-thin aluminum base in our Eames Ribbed Management Chairs. This frame not only looks great, but it’s also one of the strongest frames in the market, able to support over 400 lbs of weight.
  • Minimal, Fast Assembly: Wheels, then Gas Lift, then Seat, then Arms. It’s that easy to assemble our Eames Ribbed Management Chair and all it takes is a few minutes. Less time assembling means more time getting important things done.

Eames Softpad Management Chair

Our Eames Softpad Management Chair is one of the most comfortables office chairs in our Eames Aluminum Group Replicas. Our Eames Soft Pad Management Chair replica follows the exact same sophisticated refined aesthetic of these office chairs. With its clean lines looking as new today as when this Eames classic chair was first introduced in 1958. Our Eames Softpad Management Chair is available with manual lift as well as alternative variations with or without arms.

Originally designed in 1958 by Charles and Ray Eames for the Irwin Miller home, the Eames Softpad Management Chair repeats the structure of earlier chairs in the Eames Aluminum Group of Office Chairs, adding cushions to the seat and back. Upholstered in premium leather, these cushions transformed the spare character of the Eames Aluminum Group and turned into a luxurious version for homes and offices around the world.

The Eames Softpad Management Chair was one of the office chairs to feature seat-back suspension, a major technical achievement for the age. The seat-back suspension represented a radical departure from the traditional concept of the chair as a solid shell. We love our Eames Soft Pad Management Chair replica because is wonderfully comfortable, strong and yet lightweight.

Our Eames Softpad Management Chair features a low back with arms, a lightweight aluminum frame and 2″-thick upholstered foam cushions. All built on a reliable 5-star base, just like the original, with tilt-swivel mechanism and seat-height adjustment. 

This new pneumatic height adjustment allows for easier height adjustment, adds 2 additional inches to the top end of the height adjustment and the new tilt lock allows the seat angle to be secured in the neutral position.

Eames Softpad Executive Chair

The final member of our Eames Aluminum Group Office Chairs is the Eames Softpad Executive Chair, not to be confused with the Eames Softpad Management Chair. They might look alike but be entirely different. 

Our Eames Soft Pad Executive Chair, just like his sister chair, follows the exact same structure of the Eames Aluminum Group Office but incorporating cushions to the seat and back. These cushions upholstered in premium leather, completely changed the spare character of the Eames Aluminum Group Office Chair into a more luxurious version for homes and offices.

The Eames Softpad Executive chair features a high back with arms, a lightweight aluminum frame and 2″-thick upholstered foam cushions, all built on a solid, reliable 5-star base with casters, tilt-swivel mechanism and seat-height adjustment, just like the original design. Additional features include a new pneumatic height adjustment for easier height adjustment, and a new tilt lock that allows the seat angle to be secured in a neutral position.

Charles and Ray Eames, the original designers, had a unique synergy that allowed them to completely change the world of furniture, and the Eames Office Chairs are a great example of their style: lean, modern but overall, functional. The Eames Office Chairs look sleek, sophisticated, and beautifully simple. 

Our Eames Office Chairs are available in management, ribbed, and executive models. The elegant classic lines and comfortable suspension of these office chairs keep them in demand for all kinds of spaces, from modern homes to home offices and hip workspaces.

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