Lamps might be one of the most overlooked items in modernist interior design, especially for people who are just getting started. Let’s take a look at some modernist lighting fixtures that will probably work comfortably on any type of space.

Dunk Ceiling Lamp White ($585)

The Dunk lamp serves as a beautiful and simple chandelier solution for homes with neutral colors, and will work great as an accent lamp as well, providing comprehensive lighting for a medium-sized dinner table, kitchen island, or lounge area.

The geometric design imitates a honeycomb and will give your space a look that’s both modernist and contemporary. This lamp also comes with LED bulbs for the energy-conscious home.

Beam Stainless Steel Chandelier ($386)

The Beam chandelier will completely illuminate a particular space without the need for added accent lights. Aesthetically though, it works as an accent light as well: the look it provides is much more compelling and energetic than that of other chandeliers, and the black-coated steel finish makes it durable and eye-catching.

Bulbs are not included, but it requires exactly 20 E26 25W of them. If you’re feeling a little playful consider switching between bulb types to make the lamp more appealing, but try to keep the wattage constant, and don’t combine warm and cold lightbulbs.

Amethyst Ceiling Lamp ($977)

Geometric patterns are becoming a very important trend in 2019’s interior design practices. The Amethyst lamp is very affordable and allows you to think of it as a room fixture for every space in your house. Simple and elegant.

Ambition Ceiling Lamp ($921)

The Ambition will focus the room’s illumination toward its outer corners, leaving the space right below it a little darker. The tubular metal shades are all painted black and will benefit most from warmer bulbs. It has a total of nine sockets and is big enough to illuminate entire living rooms, as well as dining areas and big master bedrooms.