Manhattan Home Design is currently having a fall side so you can fit your house with a lot of mid-century modern goodies. We are offering an extra 10% off your purchase that doesn’t just apply to the best sellers, so this might be a great opportunity to furnish your living space with a lot of MCM goodies.

Let’s take a look at five of them, and if you need more information remember to call our numbers or send us an email! We’re more than happy to help you shop for the things you need.

Perfectly crafted, from the durable Eames-style Eiffel frame but a little smaller in size than the Eames rocker, the WoodLeg chair is perfect as both a dining and a living room chair for people who need to furnish their apartments quickly or just need a quality chair that’s affordable and lightweight.

The ABS frame on the seat, which makes it very flexible, provides good inclination, and the seat itself is deep and sturdy. With the free shipping and discounts you can get in on gorgeous white or astounding black.

This chair is one of the most common modern items found in American homes today. The simplicity of its design makes it ubiquitous and quirky, so you can place it just about anywhere you’d like.

Most people recognize its flexibility, and even though there are a lot of options out there for the same design, remember that at Manhattan Home Design we are experts at crafting this type of modern furniture.

We also recommend the Wire Mesh chairs, which are even cheaper, but if you want to get a quality reproduction of a mid-century modernist icon, you can get the actual Diamond chair replica.

True to the original design of Harry Bertoia, it is 100% polished chrome from the back to the frame. The seat is leatherette attached with hidden filaments and metal hooks, thin enough for the chair to look stylish and thick enough to support your bodyweight without you feeling the wire frame below.

For more information on why this chair is important you should check out our articles on Harry Bertoia and our Designer of the Week series! The Wire Diamond chair is another very important icon of the mid-century modernist movement, one of par with the Womb chair and the Eames Lounge chair!

Also available in black and white, the Arch Lamp follows the original Arco Lamp design by Achille Castiglioni but presents it in a more contemporary way. The marble base becomes rounded and lighter, but it can still support the arch completely.

The shade and tube are polished chrome and feature adjustable height. This is an excellent lamp to purchase as a first lighting choice for new tenants, but also as an affordable accent light for people that want to create an intimate space in their living rooms.

It should be noted that the Arch Lamp is not that really different in price from the Arco Lamp. If you can put a little more money together you can get this mid-century icon instead of the Arch Lamp.

Remember our seasonal discount! Also, check out our articles on Castiglioni and mid-century modern replicas to understand why these items are so famous and important!

Why purchase a new modern sofa? Two Wire Diamond chairs and a couple of these ottomans will make any living room look great in an affordable fashion. These ottomans have stainless steel frames and the upholstery is Italian aniline leather of the best quality.

The design is from Florence Knoll, the mid-century genius that found her way to almost every American home in the 60s and 70s. It’s also great for office spaces. It is tightly padded, and won’t sink as easily as other tufted stools.

We just recently did a piece on Florence Knoll, as her influence permeates the mid-century movement in America. There’s a lot of furniture that we wouldn’t have gotten if it wasn’t for her and her company, including Harry Bertoia’s aforementioned chairs. Go check that out as well!

Similar to the original Saarinen table but much lighter and casual. The Flower dining table is durable, sleek, and elegant. It has an inner molded cast aluminum frame that supports a reinforced molded fiberglass frame.

You won’t see any of it, however, because the fiberglass in painted in a lacquered glossy white finish that will not chip, fade, or scratch easily. For the price, you’re getting a robust table that will last you for decades, and an aesthetic affordable icon.

For a little bit more cash you can also procure one of our best-selling Saarinen Tulip tables. We have a wide collection of Tulip tables for your home, starting as small side tables and ending in large, oval dining tables with beautiful marble finishes.

We recently did a piece on our best-sellers that you can also check out if you-re looking for more information on these beauties.

Our line of new products is always being updated with quality replicas and original reproductions in a wide variety of styles. Some of them are for big houses, some for small houses: there’s something for everyone!

This also applies to budget: we have some items that are a little pricey, and others that are perfectly affordable for anyone. Our goal, as we’ve mentioned before, has always been to provide quality furniture to everyone who desires it.