Living room

Over the years, we’ve honed down our home design rules to the top five that recommend time after time to all our clients. Feel free to follow these rules — or break them — and take any space from boring, to everyday excitement.

1. A midcentury piece. Your home should always have at least one midcentury modern element for several reasons. For one thing, the design period, despite technically being a retro style from the past century, still feels current and timeless.

Modern pieces work well in any space, contemporary or traditional. Don’t you just love the pairing of this classic Round End Side Table with the curvy traditional furniture? Adding just one punch of a truly modern style keeps any room from feeling too formal.

Full Bed

One of the most practical ways to introduce a modern piece is through seating. Midcentury chairs, like the Tulip Chairs, are always adding great style to traditional wood tables with attention grabbing old-world, new-world mix.

Tulip Chairs

2. A stroke of white and a touch of black. Our eyes are always expecting a full spectrum of colors and how we perceive a space can vary depending on the range of colors shown. This is why it’s crucial to insert at a hint of white and a touch of black in every space. 

White is often easy, but be mindful with black accents. Black picture frames and other elements on white backgrounds will make sure both ends of the spectrum are balanced.


3. A mix of textures. Whether your space is bold and colorful or calm and neutral, every look involves a mix of textures. Besides different upholstery textures, like cotton, silks, linens, burlap, hides, and sheers, you should always aim to include wood, metal, and glass. This no-fail trio is easy to mix and match and will add heaps of depth.

Eames Lounge Chair

When in doubt, add a midcentury chair like the Eames Lounge Chair with wood details or a Swan Chair with metal, and you’ve covered two rules at once!

Swan Chair

4. Personally perfect imperfections. Besides all the thoughtfully chosen materials, your space should have at least once piece that speaks to a sense of history, through a true vintage character or personal meaning.

This sense of history doesn’t have to come from furniture or accessories. A simple vintage detail like old moldings will give your home a subtle story that relates to your past, present, and future.

Tulip Table

5. Fresh flowers. A space is never truly finished without some fresh flowers to give it a sense of life that keeps it from feeling latent.

Even just a few simple blossoms in a bud vase, immediately draw the eye in. Adding a new color and delightful detail as you change them out. You can use them to play with colors in your living room and match them with your favorite accent pieces, allowing you to enjoy your space every day, even after the design work is done.

Womb Chair