If you own an Eames Lounge chair replica, it is probably one of the most (if not the most) beloved objects in your home. We’re glad that you love it, and we’re sure you do your best to take care of it. But we thought you could use some pointers to make it last even longer (or to learn how to keep such a relic impeccable). Here are 5 pieces of advice on taking excellent care of your Eames lounge chair:

There are a lot of Eames Lounge chair replicas with ottoman on the market. These two replicas here are courtesy of Manhattan Home Design and Barcelona Designs.

  1. Do not overclean: This is something that happens a lot with new owners of the Eames. If you’re getting the leatherette version you might need to wash it with a special wax from time to time, but the quality of the upholstery guarantees that you won’t have to be constantly swiping it with a damp cloth. In fact, doing this repeatedly could be counterproductive.

2. Remember to clean the legs: Many people forget that the base of the Eames chair is made from a material that has different needs than the wood and the leather. You can use a little bit of detergent and some warm water. Try than once and then rinse with more water. Avoid silicone-based products entirely.

Ray and Charles Eames, creators of the Eames Lounge chair –
Photo (C) 2013 Eames Office, LLC., MoMA and Getty Images Entertainment.

3. Careful when trying to eliminate odors: We understand that you use it repeatedly and that the smell of sweat can sometimes stick to it. If that happens, we recommend keeping yourself clean first and foremost, but if you want to keep the chair from becoming smelly don’t use products such as Glade, as they could stain the leather. Besides, the chair already has a nice wood-and-leather aroma that you don’t want to lose.

4. Don’t keep it near the sun: If your living room or studio has a big window that faces West, for example, the Eames might get exposed a bit more than it needs to at a certain hour. There are no sunscreens for mid-century furniture so avoid discoloration and wear by keeping it fresh and dry.

5. Cover it with a blanket sometimes: We already talked about different accessories for the Eames chair. If you’re using it for a long time, consider covering it with a blanket so it stays clean. This can also work for when you’re not using it for longs periods of time. Bonus tip: don’t forget the Ottoman!