Though often dreaded, small apartments provide interior designers with the ability to get creative with a lot less risk. However, they also require a lot more thought when choosing furniture and décor.

You’ll find that most Americans, apparently, don’t want to live in a small apartment (or small space overall) for the rest of their lives, but things might be changing in this regard. With the resurfacing of trends like the Tiny House Movement, small home owners are learning that you have a lot more to work with in a small space than you initially thought.

Here are three steps you can take in the right direction when furnishing your home in a Mid-century Modern style:

A cozy MCM bedroom. Photo from (C) Save More Animals.

Start at the bedroom

This will be your personal space to try out stuff. If it isn’t big enough to place an armchair or lounge chair, for example, you can always consider adding a floor lamp, a desk, or some pieces of small mid-century modern cabinetry.

An MCM kitchen with a Tulip Saarinen table. (C) Decorpad.

Choose one accent piece per space

Count the spaces around the house, choose one accent piece for each, then decorate around it. The kitchen or dining area might benefit from a Saarinen table while the living room area could have a Knoll-style couch or a lounge chair and ottoman combo along with a Noguchi or Barcelona table.

MCM living room with white-clad Barcelona chair. (C) ESNY.

Have fun, really

Don’t be afraid to try out new (or old) things while furnishing. The designers that made this furniture were always very keen on the idea of having fun while doing it. Some of them argued that you shouldn’t have too much fun, while others argued that you should be a lot less serious, but all of them agreed that a certain degree of play is required to create great interior design.