The ceiling can be very overlooked as a space because most people believe that they have no control over what happens with it, except for lighting. Another erroneous belief is that the ceiling doesn’t really affect an interior design scheme.

Most ceilings will be either white or matching with the surrounding décor, but they won’t stand out in any way.

That’s changing (for the better). Ceiling decoration ideas are older than most people think: one has only to remember the glowing plastic stars that most kids and teens from the 90s had stuck to their ceilings, in order to look at an artificial firmament whenever the lights went out.

2019 seems to be the year in which people deviate from trends and start experimenting with their own personality and needs when it comes to casual interior design.

This is a great thing, because the trends that stem from this new way of decorating spaces will last longer and be much more honest.

Ceiling decoration has a lot to do with personality: again, it is not the most common choice to decorate. Having a personalized ceiling is something that will make your space feel much more you.

Wallpapers and patterns

If you’re decorating a space that you’re not sure you’ll be staying at for the rest of your life (like a rental apartment), you can think about temporary wallpapers for the ceiling as well. This is a great choice for bedrooms, and has been a staple of children’s rooms for quite some time now.

As an adult, you can play a lot more with your interior design choices. You can have a single color to compliment a neutral space, or you can play with patterns and accentuate corners and ledges with color (if you have them).

Texture can be your friend as well, giving your ceilings more style and taste than just using a bold color. As we’ve mentioned a lot of times already, geometrical patterns are in vogue right now.

One thing you should avoid, though, is making your ceiling match your flooring. That can be confusing and a little bit overwhelming. You can turn your ceiling into a hub for color accents, or paint it in a light shade to balance out the colors on your décor and furniture.

Some tips about ceiling decoration

Most interior designers consider that accentuating the ceiling and driving people’s gazes upwards improves the overall space of a room. It makes it look larger and more spacious.

White has always been the room enlarger of choice: most people stick to the idea that white paint makes your space more spacious and flexible, and some might be inclined to think that darker shades have the opposite effect.

Installing ledges and crowns can help you keep the idea of an enlarged space, as they make the ceiling seem like it rises from them, and can also provide you with good opportunities to change your lighting and create innovative layouts.

You can save white ceilings for the living room and decorate ceilings on the kitchen, bathroom, and other dedicated rooms that won’t affect your idea of space as much.

The trim is also an important part of ceiling decoration, as we said. The accent can be on those ledges, but just accentuating them can make the ceiling look a bit separate from the surrounding décor, taking balance away from your room.

Another thing you should think about is shrinking a space: most people focus on making spaces look larger, but sometimes a space can look too big, especially if it has very few items of furniture.

Painting a ceiling with bold, dark colors (or adding patterns) can make your bigger rooms feel more cohesive and homely. Size does matter in interior design, but the catch is that every size matters, not just large or extra-large. Having aesthetic medium-sized and small spaces is paramount to achieve long-lasting aesthetic and functionality.