Eames lounge chair

The tiny home movement is booming all over our country for many reasons and in different ways. Whether you’ve taken on this movement, or have always lived in a small apartment, your home still deserves proper decor and furnishings.

Tight spaces can be tough to furnish with large things. With furniture as iconic and attention-grabbing as an Eames Lounge Chair, chances are your home will be left with limited space.

Living in a small space, you need to have balance. Flexibility and comfort are musts for every room, as well as proper furniture. 

You might find yourself living an enigma when considering an Eames Lounge Chair and Ottoman for your small home. If you’re wondering whether it’ll fit, where you’ll place it, or maybe even if it’s best to give up on this furniture dream, for now, fear not. Here are three essential things to consider so you can maintain mobility and space while living in style.

Buy the right Eames Lounge chair

If your apartment is truly small, maybe you’d be better off with another kind of chair. You can consider purchasing a Womb Chair, which is a bit more modest in size. A Diamond Chair or an Eames La Chaise are also excellent choices! Truth be told many hidden gems find themselves shadowed by the Eames Lounge Chair.

But we know you’re here because an Eames Lounge Chair is your first choice. We pride ourselves on having one of the best replicas in the market by caring for every detail and feature from the original design. By using top-quality silicon shock mounts that will make your chair last a lifetime along with premium leather and veneers in classic black or a wide variety of colors, and even a tall version.

Use the corner approach

When living in a big space, placing your Eames Lounge Chair in the living room center is ideal. But living in a small home can make this almost impossible to accomplish.

Placing your Eames Lounge Chair in a corner can create a space for relaxation. You can even include a lamp that hasn’t found its place in your home yet, creating a reading cove for which the ottoman will be perfect. 

Separate the Eames and the Ottoman

It might sound like an absurd idea to separate such an iconic duo. We understand why you might not be too open to this, but keep in mind that great design is all about creativity.

The Ottoman itself can make an exceptional chair, working as an extra seat in any space where you might need it. You can also use it as a centerpiece to create an inspiring use of space.

We want to know, do you live in a tiny home? Were you able to pull off an Eames Lounge Chair in your home? Show us your best use of space with exceptional furniture for the world to see!