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Choosing Your Eames Lounge Chair Replica’s Leather And Wooden Veneers

The best part about purchasing an Eames Lounge Chair Replica is that you can customize them depending on the ambiance you’re looking to create, the style you want it to bring to your room and your interior design needs. Once you determine those factors, you can choose from a wide selection of color variants and …

Mid-century Modernist News

Eames Office Chairs to Work From Home

Office Chairs are one of the biggest concerns for anybody that works from home. You must have a good office chair. Disregard this and with the amount of time we usually spend sitting on a chair, you’ll have back pains and posture-related issues in no time. And just because you have the ability to spend some time on your favorite couch while working doesn’t mean you should. In fact, it might even affect your overall productivity.

Buying office Chairs is a hassle in many cases, and more importantly, not everyone has the budget for that. That’s where Manhattan Home Design comes in. We offer you high-quality office chairs from the most famous mid-century modern designers. Charles and Ray Eames.

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The Docomomo Awards Honor Eero Saarinen, The Mastermind Behind the Tulip Table

The image above is a courtesy of the National Park Service on Flickr. Mid-century modernism is different from other styles of furniture in the fact that it pertains to a particular period of time. That period, according to some people, starts around the mid-1930s and ends somewhere around 1965. Other people consider mid-century modernism to …