We recently did an article mentioning our best-sellers and how they stand today in the mid-century modern market. We, however, failed to mention a few of them because of space constraints. The idea was to mention the best sellers and how they create a style in your home.

Therefore, if you purchase one of the best-sellers, you are probably making a statement in regards to your own personality and taste. A lot of people prefer the Womb chair and ottoman and exclude the Eames lounge chair as a choice for their homes. We all have our own way of designing our homes that has to do with our emotional and individual world as well.

The Eames Chairs that were left behind

Interestingly enough, you would be surprised to know that most of the best sellers that we had to leave behind for that list were Eames designs. We love these chairs. We believe they are a part of what makes Eames design great, and they don’t get that much love: the Eames lounge chair replica usually eclipses them in the market, and most people would not probably name any of these chairs as they favorite.

However, if you know your stuff, one of these chairs might indeed be one of your favorites, but you probably learned of the Eames lounge chair before seeing any of these designs. This is why we wanted to bring them back for this one article, we think that they deserve a place of their own as the Eames chairs that people usually leave behind.

After all, we have to admit we made that mistake ourselves, even though these chairs each have as much elegance and history and sophistication as the Eames Lounge chair. Here they are, finally:

Eames La Chaise

Probably one of the weirdest designs created by Charles and Ray Eames, this design might also be one of the most sculptural. By that we mean that this design is much more artistic than any of its brothers. You can see it the image above, and we already mentioned it in previous articles. The shape of the chair is actually inspired by a sculpture.

As you can also see in the link above, the Eames La Chaise is one of the pieces permanently being displayed at the Museum of Modern Art in New York. The original design is still being sold, albeit at a very high price, more or less $11,000 for just one unit.

Thankfully, you have Manhattan Home Design to back you up with this. Given that the chair is (in itself) very rare among replica makers, the fact that we have one makes it climb up the list of best sellers every year. At $1,195, which would be a tenth of the original price, we offer considerable quality manufacturing and a very true interpretation of the original design.

Eames Plywood Chair

This is the chair that appears on the first image in this blog and the featured image at the top (go back up so you can see it in all of its glory). We have actually already mentioned it a lot in previous articles, so this is more like a bonus mention just so we don’t miss anything, as we didn’t count it in the previous article for the best-seller.

The Eames plywood chair rivaled the Eames lounge chair and ottoman in fame, but not that much in aesthetic. The frugal design is actually not among the most iconic mid-century items in the replica market. Like the Eames La Chaise, it can be quite hard to come by at a good price.

The Eames plywood chair replica that we at Manhattan Home Design craft follows the same original manufacturing design and looks just as good as the real thing. An original one will set you back about $1,000 per unit, but ours sell at around $300.

Eames Molded Plastic Chairs (Rocking chair) (Dining chairs)

You’ve probably heard of the DSW group of chairs that Charles and Ray Eames introduced to the American market in 1950. The Dining height Side chair Wood base (DSW) designs are some of the most copied items in the history of furniture.

The RAR rocking chairs that came out that same year have also become very ubiquitous in places that want to look stylish and modern. They usually don’t have the rocking Eiffel base that made the original popular, but they are also up there with the DSW chairs in terms of reproduction volume. How do you know which one is original (or a good replica) and which isn’t?

Well, for starters, you’re going to have a very difficult time telling them apart in terms of shape, since again, it is very easy to replicate and probably already ingrained into our minds.

You have consider the materials and the brand name, because outside of that you won’t find a lot of differences on price between the million replicas out there. A good replica will be made with the same Eiffel base as the chairs from 1950 and will also feature high-quality materials and a base price of $150 and $200 at most.

At Manhattan Home Design, we really care about your furniture, and the mid-century modern era. We are happy to be making these famous replicas for you to enjoy. If you want to learn more about this, simply refer to our previous blogs, we’re sure you’ll find something that interests you.

For the time being, consider keeping these other best-sellers in your mind when you go out shopping for new furniture. An Eames replica will undoubtedly change your home, no matter which one you get. You will be surprised of how great and Eames La Chaise looks on a living room, or how resistant and useful the Eames DSW dining chair replicas can be.