A bedroom set will most likely not include a mattress, but that imaginary mattress will always show on the retail pictures. It can be confusing.

Manhattan Home Design offers three distinctive choices, each of them with its own perks and features.

These are what comes to mind when somebody asks you why you should purchase a bedroom set.

They have everything you might need from the get go: the 2-piece will get you a small nightstand, and you can upgrade to two nightstands, a sideboard, and a mirror (though you can’t get all six items, it’s two nightstands or a nightstand and a sideboard).

For this price, you’re getting a quality bed frame that does not need a box spring, and a very comfortable headboard. All items follow mid-century modernist trends, but to be fair, the sets give off a distinctly American mid-century vibe.

The Freja sets can be a little more daunting to buy, you don’t really know exactly what you’re getting, because it seems you’re only getting a large bed frame.

However, that’s exactly the point, the bed’s extending sides become your nightstands, and they form the set along with the headboard, which is separated from the bed frame.

The Freja sets encase your mattress completely, preventing unwanted movement or tumbling. Some regular beds might become wobbly with use, but the Freja set will provide stability for decades.

This is a more minimalistic rendition of the mid-century bedroom set, though you shouldn’t expect them to cost less. These sets are the only ones to include a twin bed version, and like the Freja sets, the add-ons come with frame itself.

The huge, bulky wooden frame of the Freja bed, however, is replaced by a couple of extending plates that look like food trays. These are your nightstands. You get an Addison-looking headboard, and a regular four-leg base, which is quite comfortable still.