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The best part about purchasing an Eames Lounge Chair Replica is that you can customize them depending on the ambiance you’re looking to create, the style you want it to bring to your room and your interior design needs. Once you determine those factors, you can choose from a wide selection of color variants and then move on to selecting the wood and leather. Let your imagination wander when it comes to giving your Eames Lounge Chair the best look. It depends on your choice and creativity as to what fits your room best.

Palisander and Walnut Wood are the wood veneers that are commonly found in Eames Chair Replicas. 

Palisander wood has a rosy, red-brown color and a lovely smell. It is a dense wood, and its color is the darkest of the two. Palisander is known for its durability.

Walnut wood, on the other hand, is a lighter version with a grey-brown, beige-like hue. With this information, it should be easier for you to differentiate the wood type next time you look around for an Eames Classic Furniture Piece. 

When it comes to leather, you can choose from three different options. 

Leatherette denotes the finest Euro-style Eco Leather. Not only is it highly eco-friendly, but it also happens to be budget-friendly (mayor bonus).

Italian leather is made up of larger full-grains, being genuine leather, the price tag can go towards the expensive side.

Finally, Aniline Leather is absolute top-quality have more softness than the previous two. Aniline leather is best known for its softness and provides the leather breathing ability. This functionality makes it a unique leather and is the reason that it withstands both cold and warm temperatures without losing its shape. Aniline is a shinier type of leather and impresses many buyers with its very look.

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When purchasing your own Eames Lounge Chair for your home, keep in mind that no matter the look you’re after, leathers and veneers are the deciding factors. Make a wise and educated decision when choosing the right materials for your Eames lounge chair. 

Make sure that when you make your final decision, you get what you’ve been hoping for and that it brings you joy. 

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Let us know what you decide on when purchasing your Eames Lounge Chair and what made you choose the leather and veneer types!