Last week we profiled his close contributor and fellow genius designer Charlotte Perriand. Be sure to check out the profile on Eileen Gray, who was also acquainted with him.

Charles-Édouard Jeanneret-Gris, was a man who had a very French name, and we’re sure he had a lot of friends who couldn’t pronounce it (and probably referred to him as Charlie).

However, you might have heard a lot about him, but not as Charlie or Charles-Édouard, but simply Le Corbusier. Such a ubiquitous name is shrouded in mystery: some people say it comes from the French word for crow, others have traced its origin to one of his ancestors, called “Lecorbésier.” In any case, his work is far from mysterious.

A lot has been written about his guy and his work, you probably know some things yourself already. That’s why we’ll try something different for this DOTW installment. Here are 5 facts about his life that will make you love him even more!

1. He was “anti-school”

Le Corbusier didn’t really like academic environments, much like other geniuses such as Albert Einstein, Mark Zuckerberg, Steve Jobs, etc. He was completely self-taught, which is ironic given that he is now basic knowledge for any architecture, art, or design student around the globe.

2. He is the father of modern architecture

This is a very big label, and many people throw it around without actually knowing what it means. Besides, it has been given to other architects, but we prefer Le Corbusier, why? You’ll have to get a copy of his book “The Five Points for A New Architecture.”

3. He was a dog person

Away with you, cat lovers! Le Corbusier had a beautiful black schnauzer called “Pinceau” (French for “paintbrush”). After the dog died, his wife bound a copy of the Spanish medieval classic “Don Quixote” with its fur. That’s real love!

4. He was a Libra

Some people don’t believe in this sort of stuff (in fact, Le Corbusier probably didn’t either!). However, people who are knowledgeable about the zodiac signs will know that he must have been a very objective, balanced, and serious person (the seeing-before-believing kind).

5. He also made furniture!

(Duh, right?) The LC2 Chaise and LC5 Daybed are two of his most iconic designs. Objective and minimalistic as he was, they’re a staple on luxurious office spaces in many countries. There are a lot of million-dollar deals that have probably been sealed with a toast of great whisky on a Le Corbusier.