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If you’re looking to encourage conversation during a house party, the last thing you want is a TV tempting guests. If you’ve got the space, consider moving your TV from the living room to someplace else in your house.

But there are other ways to get people talking too. The right furniture arrangement, room style, and palette can go a long way toward easing the conversation.

1. A sofa and two vintage chairs

If you’re not a big TV watchers and like to entertain it makes sense to have a reading and lounging space to relax in, in your living room. By having a classic furniture arrangement that focuses on specific parts of a room, like a fireplace, you create the perfect arrangement for conversations.

You don’t necessarily need to get rid of your existing sofa to create a space like this. There is always the possibility to work around them. In the end, what matters most is that the furniture speaks to your personality.

Living room Furniture

2. Two Facing Identical Sofas

The perfect space for a sophisticated yet casual living room designed to entertain as well as be comfortable for the family.

Placing two identical sofas facing each other opens the space and invites people to engage with each other. You can also place occasional chairs on the back wall and pull them up for larger groups during parties. Leave no doubt in your living room that the layout is for conversation, not television.

Having fewer pieces of furniture, larger in scale, helps make the room feel more spacious and inviting. Choosing a neutral palette and minimalist design lead to an overall feeling of quiet sophistication.

Living room Furniture

3. Four Armchairs

Bring together a serene, comfortable, sophisticated, and family-friendly living room in your home with this simple design.

If your living room isn’t the biggest room in the home, four armchairs and maybe even a long bench near the window can do the trick. This furniture arrangement can be perfect when hosting for your guests. Make sure you accomplish conversation without having an overcrowded living room with comfortable pathways between furniture.

Living room Furniture

4. Sectional + Two Chairs

A modern, eclectic, and warm space in a midcentury home with an interior that captures the mid century aesthetic, and can reflect your family’s unique personalities.

A sectional sofa, two mid century-style armchairs, and additional seating areas make for great entertainment. By creating smaller spaces within the larger space that suggest their function, you obtain a comfortable space for intimate conversation, for reading, and more.

By placing an Eames Lounge Chair in a corner, you create a relaxing space to solo read. You can also incorporate a small table and chairs, perfect to read and write with a cup of tea. You can then promote conversation though an intimate arrangement of the main sitting area. Think lots of comfy seating and a softly shaped round cocktail table.

Living room Furniture

5. Two Different Sofas + Two Chairs

Using jewel tones helps create a sophisticated, warm, and welcoming living room with plenty of seating for entertaining.

Living room Furniture

When you love to entertain, it’s important to have a space devoted to bringing friends together for cocktails and conversation. With two sofas facing each other and a bench and chairs at either end, you can create an intimate setting for a good conversation. With a bigger party, smaller seating arrangements on the perimeter of the room are also important for guests.