If you’ve ever wanted to feel true comfort, as warm and flexible as a well-used first baseman’s mitt, then you should make a decision quickly, because the Eames loungers are about to skyrocket in price! Catch yourself a well-made replica before it’s too late!

Why should I buy an Eames Lounge chair?

This is a question that has served as the subtitle of many an article, including ours. The truth is the Eames chair can be a little intimidating, especially if you do some research on the original renditions, which are already high-priced.

The Eames couple, however, always intended for people of all backgrounds to enjoy and use their designs, and the Lounge chair should not be an exception.

We’ve also written before that if you don’t think you can ever afford one, you’re right, but can always afford a true-to-design, true-to-specification, high-quality replica made by people who know and care about home design and top-grade furniture.

An excellent replica of the Vitra version of the Eames lounge chair will set you back around $1,000, which is a fifth of the original Vitra or Herman Miller price (two of the Eameses certified retailers).

If the price is lower than that, the chair is probably a knockoff.

What do I get from an Eames Lounge chair replica?

If you do some research and find yourself a great reproduction like our Classic Lounge Chair and Ottoman, voted #1 on Houzz, you’ll get the same original measurements in width, height, and length.

You’ll probably get silicon shock mounts on the back, which are long-lasting (and a true measure of quality). You’ll also get the same 5-and-4 leg configuration and aesthetic features, and all of the chair’s ergonomic capabilities.

These capabilities include full-reclining features and swivel, and they’re an intrinsic part of what makes an Eames lounge chair replica so comfortable and so ubiquitous.

The Eames lounge chair has been praised not only by design fans and the older generations, but also by newer, younger communities such as gamers.

Investing money is never an easy choice, we understand, especially is today’s world is ripe with people looking to get a buck out of you by selling you cheap copies of timeless artifacts.

This, by the way, is one of the reasons why the Eames lounge chair will go up in price, so get yours now! Don’t fret it!