Today we’re going to answer some of the most common questions that people have about the Eames Lounge Chair replica. If you’re still unsure about buying, or if you want to know more before making that choice. Read on!

1. Does the Eames Lounge chair Replica offer back support?

Lounge chairs can be a luxury sometimes, and for people who suffer from back pain, sometimes the choices are narrower and more expensive.

Many give up on trying to purchase one that can help them live a comfortable life, while others purchase special cushions or fit their loungers with extra padding.

Most people who suffer from back pain also tend to compromise aesthetic in favor of functionality and comfort, but this doesn’t need to be the case. There are many stylish living room choices that can help your back pain.

The Eames Lounge chair has been regarded as the best chair for activities such as gaming, but can it help your back pain? Some medical professionals would say absolutely!

The Eames lounge chair rests both your legs and your back, which can be helpful for posture. Also, its reclining features make it easier for anyone to achieve a comfortable angle while resting. Here’s an article by NY Magazine that illustrates this point.

2. Why is the Eames Lounge chair so expensive?

The original Eames lounge chair is very expensive. We’re not going to downplay it, not a lot of people get to sit on one of them.

With history comes legacy, and with legacy comes popularity. When Cara Greenberg published her book, Mid-century Modern: Furniture of the 1950’s, she wasn’t expecting to breathe life into a home style design that was starting to fade from history.

Cara helped bring that idea of luxury and comfort back to the people, and the prices (which were already high) started going up. Aside from that, the Eames lounger has (spoiler alert!) always been expensive.

When the first version of the chair was unveiled to the public in1956, it cost exactly $540. If we adjust the chair’s place for inflation, we get around $5,086.46 for this year (the average price of an original version of the chair).

3. What should I do then?

There is a huge market for quality replicas that has stemmed from the mid-century modern craze, and many companies build this chair with the right details and specifications in mind. Manhattan Home Design is one of these companies.

By staying true to the initial quality and specifications, we also help to preserve their legacy and to bring great design and comfort to as many people as possible.

4. Is the Eames Lounge chair replica a good chair for gaming?

The Eames Lounge chair and ottoman were not specifically designed for gaming, which includes sitting in front of a computer or television for very long periods of time. Gaming requires you to stay focused and oftentimes upright, while the ELC is more suited for laidback relaxation.

However, most reviews by gamers on the Eames praise the fact that the design itself helps achieve a lot of concentration. You’re sitting, but you’re not laying down, and the upright angle is perfect for keeping your head up and facing and screen for long periods of time.

Your hands lay on your lap where they can hold the controller much better, and if you add noise-cancelling headphones, it seems like you’re almost having a virtual reality experience.

If you are a gamer and you’re considering an Eames chair for your late night sessions, you should dig a little deeper into what makes a great replica and see if it works for you.

5. Can I decorate my Eames Lounge chair replica, or should I leave it as it is?

We’re sure that Ray and Charles Eames would have wanted you to enjoy the Eames chair as much as they enjoyed creating it. If you already have one, it most likely is your favorite chair, so why not pair it with your favorite pillow, cushion, or blanket?

You could start with one great cushion or pillow and see how it looks. Square would be the ideal shape, but round can also work if you’re not really taking shape into consideration.

The colors should contrast with the chair if you’re looking to maintain the mid-century look, but if you have a chair that’s already very distinctive (say, a white leather variant on walnut) you can also get some cushions that match the color.

Another good choice would be two small cushions of different sizes, one in front of the other. You can combine more colors this way as long as you don’t make the chair to uncomfortable to sit on or to recline.

Don’t put anything on the ottoman unless absolutely necessary! (except for the folded blanket, maybe).

You can also add a blanket, preferably wool or similar fabrics. It would not be wise to use a silk blanket, unless you want to cover the whole chair to keep dust from setting in.

Everything you leave on it will only make it better, though, we’re not advising you to treat it as a glass table. It’s yours and you’re allowed to make it as homely as you want.

However, try not to leave any glass of wine near it, that last one is common sense! Beware of rough items that might damage the wood finish or get beneath the leather. If the chair takes care of you, you should take good care of it.