These past few years there has been a newfound interest by furniture enthusiasts, professionals, and content writers regarding pieces form the mid-century modernist period of American and European design, more particularly the Eames couple’s Lounge chair and Ottoman.

Thanks to this comeback, there are currently dozens of different replicas on the market, and some of them of very good quality (while some others are just plain cheap knockoffs). Why is the Eames lounge chair replica becoming so popular? Read on to find out more.

A timeless work of art suffers a streak of unprecedented TV and movie fame

Almost everything from the mid-century modernist period sports a timeless look because the designers were always working with the future in mind. What was referred to as “futuristic” in the 1960s is now considered “modern” and stylish, keeping items like the Eames lounger on a perpetual spotlight.

The growing fame of modernist furniture, also largely because of the American TV show Mad Men, has expanded to every corner of the audiovisual medium: you can find the Eames lounger everywhere from critically-acclaimed Korean thrillers to Tony Stark’s house in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

It should be noted that most (if not all) of the chair’s filmed appearances take place in luxurious, upscale contexts, which immediately turns the chair into a luxury item. This happens because modernist furniture antiques have been selling at auctions for six-figure sums in euros, pounds, and American dollars for a while now. They are not aimed for the middle classes anymore.

The advent of the true-to-design replica

However, every luxury item in today’s world will always be subject to unwanted reproduction by its industry. The upper stages of society are always smaller in size, so profit is usually found by catering to the interested masses of people that can’t afford to bid at an antique furniture auction.

Some companies will plainly create a knockoff of these items, including the Eames lounge chair replica, while some others will undergo much-needed study and research to produce an item that’s very similar in quality to the original design but sells at a fraction of the certified price.

The market for these true-to-design replicas, in turn, will always be growing. Nowadays, everything can be found through the internet, so these items become more and more famous with every passing year.

Interested buyers do a little digging and stumble upon these quality replicas, which generates demand and forces dealers to improve their reproductions for a better offer.

With this forecast, the Eames lounge chair and ottoman is only bound to become more popular over time. This will drive replica prices up significantly, but new and better ways of acquiring it will always be available, which will only help to make it more popular and desirable. Our advice? Get yours today.