If you’re looking to stay indoors this Halloween, checking out all of the good stuff that’s coming to Netflix this fall, and all the digital blockbusters currently being released, then you might need to get anew couch for the season.

At Manhattan Home Design, we know that watching TV is an activity that has stood the test of time, even though most forms of entertainment today have been taken over by our laptops. The simple act of sitting, laying down, or laying across a large couch is something that money can’t buy (or can it?)

Premium comfort for an all-day or all-night binge

Starting with the Verve sofa sets, MHD offers a wide variety of sectionals to fit every living room configuration. The Verve’s modern style favors curved lines so that you’re always resting, even when sitting up. The 2-Piece Polyester set starts at $2,174.

For larger crowds, the Remark set is one of the best-selling options. It’s labeled as a 3-Piece, but in reality you’re getting six to eight seats total with one lounge sofa, a loveseat, and a single chair for $3,068. The design is quite more firm than the Align, so you might want to cuddle with your favorite pillow.

However, if you want more padding while keeping the same number of seats, the Beguile set is the perfect option. The cushions are slightly thicker and wider than on the Remark set, and the configuration is the same. One couch, one loveseat, one chair (in fabric) all for $3,250. The Beguile set is also more varied in terms of color; most people go for the Azure look!

The best of the best in living room furnishing

Other options include the Spiers couch-and-armchair combo, which comes with extra leg room and padding for $2,596. Also, the Loft Living Room set of three ($3,433.00), one of MHD’s largest designs, eliminates the need for added chairs or accompanying loveseats and comes with a silky finish and lots of padding.

For those who want a very big couch without any added seats, we have these individual options that might just be what you’re looking for. Happy binges!