Well, it happened, it finally happened. You woke up one day and found that your bed’s headboard was broken, damaged, or out of place.

You try to fix it yourself and you think that maybe it’s time for a change. But before that, how do even purchase a headboard?

This gets a little trickier if you’re a fan of the mid-century style. How do I know which one is right for my home?

How do I know if it fits with the mid-century style? Let’s take a look at some headboards from Manhattan Home Design.

Your headboard, first and foremost, has to match your bed

Don’t worry so much about whether it’s going to affect the particular look of your bedroom, unless you’re choosing a headboard that’s bright red, or yellow, or something like that.

Make sure that the size of your bed matches the product you want to get.

After you do that, let’s look at your budget: let’s say it’s $500, that’s actually more than enough, unless you want to go for the real fancy stuff.

Ok, we’re all set. Let’s talk style now: mid-century furniture is defined by form (usually) over function, neutral colors, and contrasting areas.

Headboards, however, should never be your bedroom’s protagonist. It’s better if they just blend into the background.

Take a look at Manhattan Home Design’s headboard families. The Theodore, Lily, and Emily headboards all follow the same pattern.

They are a very good example of what a mid-century headboard can look like. As you can see, they all come mostly in neutral, or bland colors. Nothing too fancy.

Do I really need a headboard? What do they do for me anyway?

Full disclosure, you can just throw it away if you want to, but chances are you’re already used to sleeping with it, and once your pillows start falling down that gaping hole behind the mattress, you’ll probably miss it.

Headboards today can help you with lots of things. They were originally designed to insulate the bed from the cold and they still do, to a certain extent.

They also prevent you from accidentally banging your head against the wall, and some of them can act as back support if you’re sitting up for late night reading or watching TV.