I read quite a few articles last December on interior design trends and colors for 2019. Now, at this year’s second trimester, I decided to revisit some of the trends that were still making an impact. Gold-colored furniture an accents came up in a few search results, so I thought I’d write something about that.

Yellow and gold are two colors usually favored by one of the oldest traditions in interior design: Chinese feng shui. The Chinese associate these tones with feelings of warmth, coziness, wealth, and money. However, for us westerners, yellow can be a difficult color to add to a home space, while gold is a different story.

Gold is merely a tone in the yellow color family, and it is a much better way to include yellow around the house: more conservative, much more luxurious, and more flexible with other color palettes. Let’s see how you can incorporate it:

Why should I include some golden accents into my home?

Before we get started, ask yourself: why is gold so important? (the mineral, not the color). Why is it so luxurious and expensive? Why do we love gold so much?

Well, the first reason is that, aside from looking pretty, gold is rare and hard to get, and it has a lot of important physical properties that make it a very, very useful metal.

(C) Andrew Martin

That being said, our common idea of gold is that it must remain scarce in order to be appealing. South American lore famously tells us that most natives in The New World had little regard or interest for gold (because they had so many of it). If you plaster your home with golden tones, chances are it won’t look right, it will look charged and exaggerated because we ascribe a certain value to the tone itself. This is why the best way to put the golden touch into your house is through the details.

Some golden detailing on a bedroom.

Photo by Anika Leppälä on Flickr

Putting the ‘golden touch’ into your living space

Manhattan Home Design’s console tables will probably be the best option you have to make use of the gold details on a given space. Console tables serve a variety of purposes, but the fact that they’re mainly for decoration makes the golden accents more appealing. Golden furniture can be, once again, exaggerated. If you’re looking to get some yellow into the furniture you can try darker tones like bronze (which resembles gold to a certain extent).

The Aron Console table ($1,530) is an excellent way to start incorporating gold into your home, as is the Twist set of console tables ($2,002.50), and the Green Faux Marble set ($952.50). These are some of your better choices if you’re still looking to be conservative and luxurious, without showing off.

(c) Manhattan Home Design’s Faux Marble set of console tables

Keeping gold around doesn’t have to be a statement on wealth and luxury, it can just be a compelling accent in color to an already successful color palette and design scheme.

However, if you do want to make a statement, then we would recommend more striking items like the Geo set of nesting tables ($1,897.50). It all depends on your particular way of doing living room accents. The most appealing, luxurious, and striking gold item in our collection is actually the Roma set of console tables ($1,732.50), where the gold stops being an accent and turns into a leading tone. This one really is for showoffs, but it will look great almost everywhere.

The golden touch is not that hard to accomplish, again, if you do it right. Learn more about the properties of golden tones around the house. You’ll find them inviting and quite adventurous, but they can also be serene and refined if they’re paired up with light-colored items, or if they’re contained within a quiet, cozy living space.

We hope that you’ll find the perfect golden accessory, but if you don’t, give us a shout. There’s still a lot more items on that catalog. That golden touch is right at your fingertips!