The featured image above was taken from Gear Patrol. Credits to Shan Chen.

This Eames-inspired mouse has been making the rounds on the internet for the past few days, and many people might think it is the first object of its kind.

However, this mouse is only the latest installment in a row of awesome Eames-inspired articles and icons. Here we’ll take a look at some of them, but first, let’s introduce the star of the show.

Created by the designer Shane Chen, the Lounge Mouse is apparently a homage to the ottoman of the beloved Eames Lounge Chair. However, to me, it resembles one of the cushions from the seat or the headrest.

(C) Shane Chen.

The top of the mouse has a leather surface from which the plastic wheel protrudes, and the bottom is light-colored bent plywood complete with a plastic space for the battery, switch, sensor, and a small engraving that reads A Tribute to Charles and Ray Eames.

Chen created the mouse to serve as his entry for the online rendering challenge for the Render Weekly industrial design collective. So we might never get to see it in stores. However, I’m keeping my hopes up for 2026, when the Eames Lounge chair turns 70 years old.

Other designs inspired by the ELC

Four years ago, designer Ora Ïto created an all-leather shoe covered by small bent plywood cuts. The idea was to make a Nike Eames shoe, or Nikeames for short. His creation also became extremely popular for a while, and there was even talk of moving it into production.

Ïto stated that it could become a collector’s item, perhaps released as a joint effort with both Nike and the Eames Foundation. Nothing came of it, but it sure is a beautiful sight, especially for any fan of the mid-century modern aesthetic.

The people at Design X Saber also created a Star Wars lightsaber with a plywood handle, a much more hypothetical and fantastic addition to this line of Eames-inspired objects, but still very awesome and worth mentioning.

This last one wasn’t specifically designed with the Eames Lounge chair as inspiration, but rather the overall work that the Eames couple did with bent plywood.

The Eames Lounge chair is one of the most popular furniture items in the world. An original one currently costs about $6,000, and the price goes even higher if it’s vintage and well preserved. I’ll try to update this article often if I find any more objects inspired by the ELC.

It’s always good to see the legacy of these two iconic designers taking unexpected shapes and allowing us to remember their genius. If you ask me, I’d like to see an ELC-inspired sports car, though that might be a little impractical. But hey, it costs zero dollars to dream, am I right?