We’ve already covered how to create a bedroom set by Manhattan Home Design. Now it’s time to look at some beds.

We understand that most people are not looking to do a full redesign, so here are five individual beds that really capture the essence of the mid-century modernist aesthetic.

  1. Abigail bed (Queen $734)

This might be the most cozy-looking mid-century bed that MHD has to offer. Sadly, it is not available on Full size, but this bed was definitely made to be big.

The frame is upholstered plywood that comes in two colors. This bed represents one side of mid-century bedroom aesthetic, but there are more choices.

This one might be good for people who have trouble picking a size. The aesthetic is not that cozy but definitely sleek and comfortable, much more simple. This is the other side of mid-century bedroom design.

The sleek wooden legs on an angle, along with the somewhat skinny frame and the plain headboard, everything screams mid-century modernism. You really can’t go wrong with this bed.

This one gets a spot because it has a different look from all the other beds. It encases the mattress completely in an unmovable wooden frame, like a nest.

It is completely compatible with mid-century furniture (style-wise) and has a certain Asian quality to it.

Some people might be tempted to get a box spring to put on the frame before the mattress, but that’s not such a good idea.

It already comes with added support and a central beam so you can forgo that extra layer and save some money.

Short mention to this twin size bed for its gorgeous design and sturdy frame. If you have kids or are looking to purchase an individual bed this is one of the great options in Manhattan Home Design’s catalog.

This one sits a bit closer to the floor and features a very large headboard. Like the Freja bed, it firmly encases your mattress and might be more durable than other beds like the Addison. The frame’s upholstery is leatherette.

However, the fact that they come in these two tones makes them perfect contrast providers to mid-century bedroom spaces.