Manhattan Home Design sells four distinct bedroom sets, each one with its own features and pieces, but today we’re building our own.

We’re proposing a budget of $3,500 (without shipping costs) for the purposes of this article. We will begin by explaining the room’s organization and at the end of the article we will give you a shopping list if you want to get the look. Let’s get started!

Manhattan Home Design’s dreamy mid-century bedroom set

For starters, we have picked MHD’s Abigail bed in beautiful Ivory. Let’s imagine that our dreamy mid-century bedroom has clear walls in a cream-like color, not entirely white but like a step between that and beige.

Manhattan Home Design doesn’t sell any carpets, so you’ll have to imagine that yourself. We can also imagine that the floor in our bedroom is all carpet.

Then, we can move on to the storage part. We’ve picked two Tracy nightstands in walnut, so they will provide much-needed contrast with the walls and the bed.

We can set a beautiful Madison dresser in from of the bed, also in Cappuccino. This dresser is strong enough to hold a flat screen TV, and big enough for bedroom storage. It comes with a mirror that you can set directly above or repurpose in another part of the bedroom.

For the final touches, let’s add some lighting. We’re down to our last $1300 and we’re going to pick a pair of beautiful Flair table lamps for our nightstands.

With the remaining money we’re going to choose an Arch Lamp with a Small base for a finishing touch, and we’re done! The total comes out to $3,509. Here’s the complete list:

Abigail Queen size bed $918

Tracy nightstand (2) $932

Madison Dresser and Mirror $941

Flair Table lamps (2) $362

Arch Lamp Small Base $356.40

Now you know how to create a bedroom set for yourself. First, make sure you set apart some money for a budget and then focus on the three big bedroom elements: bed, storage, and lighting.

The rest is up to you to imagine, you can include small tables, lounge chairs with ottoman, and lots of other things. Interior design is always fun if you know how to do it right. Happy bedroom furniture hunting!