It’s been a while since we wrote a piece about the Eames Lounge chair replica, but we want to bring back one of the best-selling chairs from Manhattan Home Design’s catalog.

Growing sales have kept it a fan favorite for a long time, but as new customers arrive, we want to freshen up on its features and characteristics in order to keep it relevant for much longer.

Hopefully it will become the #1 replica on the Houzz portal this year as well!

Features, build, and materials

We’re doing this like any other review, as if you (the reader) had never seen one before. 

Manhattan Home Design makes a real emphasis in keeping the ELC experience as close to the original as possible, so this is a reproduction that stays true to the first prototypes from the 1960s, as well as their more modern iterations by Herman Miller.

Our Eames Lounge Chair replica comes with an ottoman (as it should), and still costs a staggering $994 before shipping, one of the most affordable asking prices you can get for this type of lounge chair.

That being said, let’s talk a little about the materials. The Eames Lounge chair replica can be upholstered in three different leather choices:

The standard upholstery is high-end leatherette, but you can upgrade to top-grain premium Italian leather for an additional $249, as well as our outstanding, unbeatable aniline leather (the crown jewel of fabrics) for $449.

The plywood veneer is finished in dark walnut (for a classic look) or a lighter palisander shade if you want a calmer chair. All of these changes also effect your new ottoman.

The base is a standard Vitra-style frame with circular swivel in the original configuration: five legs for the chair, four for the ottoman.

The cushions are made from PU-injected memory foam and comfortably padded, and you can switch between the two cushions on the chair and the one from the ottoman (as per the original design)

Wait, you didn’t mention the shock mounts!

Ah, yes, the shock mounts. You’ll be glad to know that our Eames Lounge Chair replica sports top-quality silicone shock mounts that will last for ages, while cheaper replicas tend to use rubber shock mounts, which will wear and tear after some years of regular use.

Along with our use of braided lockstitch technology for cushioning and the original sevenfold plywood construction, this is a lounge set that you can leave to your grandchildren.

On the more serious side of things, Manhattan Home Design really cares about the quality of its products, as well as providing each and every customer with the power of choice. Here we are referring to the Classic ELC and ottoman combo, but are other beautiful renditions waiting for you to take a look.

There’s even a beautiful Big & Tall version that’s become very popular in the last year. Same features, same ergonomic and organic features, only a few inches wider and taller.

This is a no-brainer of a chair, especially at these prices, but we’ll shut up again for now and let its success as a modern furniture replica speak for itself.