Born in 1914, Hans Wegner was one of the most influential furniture designers of the modernist period. He’s noted as a precursor and pioneer of the Scandinavian style of furniture, a genius innovator and craftsman, and a serious and thoughtful personality.

Manhattan Home Design is proud to have the opportunity to pay homage to his work via our own replicas. Here are the five key Hans Wegner design reproductions in our catalog

1. Shell chair ($699)

Already on its way to becoming a best-seller, the Shell chair was first designed in 1963. Manhattan Home Design keeps its replica true to the original chair (as we also do with all the other replicas on this list), from the plywood shell and base to the upholstered seat. The curving edges of the chair are extremely stylish and rather weird (in the appealing way).

2. Papa Bear chair & ottoman ($1,486)

The Papa Bear chair and ottoman were conceived by Wegner in 1951. They are a much more classic combo that represent a certain feeling of nostalgia. The bulk of the chair is elegant and serious, but it gets a lot sleeker around the edges and maybe even a little futuristic. The solid wood frame and height of the Papa Bear chair make it durable, honest, and useful.

3. Flag Halyard chair ($1,649)

Legend tells us that Hans Wegner sat on the rough sand floor of some European beach around the year 1950 and came back home with the idea for this chair. A lot of people wouldn’t consider owning one at first glance, but this chair has been lauded as one of the major breakthroughs in modernist furniture design.

The halyard rope seat and steel frame proved that Wegner could make any combination of materials into a beautiful and functional piece of architectural furniture.

4. Wing chair and ottoman ($1,666.80 in leather & $1,244.40 in wool)

This chair was designed by Wegner in 1960, when he was already a globally-recognized innovator. It is one of his most coveted designs, especially with the ottoman.

The characteristic low backside of the chair (along with the high-back seat) had already been perfected on Wegner’s previous endeavors, like the Papa Bear chair, and the Wing chair became sort of his magnum opus for a time. Manhattan Home Design follows the original design to the last detail in order to convey the same elegance and poise.

5. The Ox chair (Big chair and ottoman, $1,450.80)

The original Ox chair from 1960 also came to be recognized as one of Wegner’s most imposing and compelling designs, with or without the ottoman.

The name ‘Ox’ is much more explicit as to what the chair’s aesthetic actually wants to convey, and the bulkier build sets it apart from its other characteristic designs. The ‘Wegner’ style of crafting a lounge chair is still there, but in a new way. Manhattan Home Design offers a highly-similar replica in leather with a focus on ergonomics and function.