Arne Jacobsen created this beautiful piece of aluminum and padded upholstery in 1948 for all the public areas of the Royal Hotel in Copenhagen.

The egg chair was also included on that presentation, and both chairs enjoyed a lot of popularity, but we could argue that the Swan chair has become just a little more famous and mainstream.

Now, the replica market has done it again. Many Swan chair reproductions are waiting for you to get your hands on them, some of them true to the original design, some others a less accurate follow-up.

Manhattan Home Design offers a good look at 3 distinctive (and great) choices, let’s take a look:

This is the designer-inspired reproduction, following Jacobsen’s specifications and features to the very base. Cradling, tight armrests welcome you to a curvy seat in a wide selection of tones (eight, to be exact).

From outlandish red to office-like black, this chair is an invitation to indulge in playful luxury.

Not many people are aware of the fact that Jacobsen worked on this design with a helper: A Hungarian sculptor by the name of Sander, who is now very much missing from the history books and the internet.

There is a certain artistic inclination to this particular Jacobsen design, which is why it might not blend well if it’s not accompanied by other mid-century items.

These replicas are a sort of ramped-up version of the Swan chair. They still follow most of the original design, but you see that the spaces between the armrests and the back are wider.

Perhaps this chair is also a bit heavier, but that might also mean it’s even more comfortable, with larger cushions.

There are two color choices, all with the same price: Pistachio Green, and White. We could imagine the first one decorating an office space or a modernist meeting room.

The Swan chair in leather is very popular, and the red fabric version with casters can be a great choice for offices, even more so than the other ones above. Not only you would be able to work comfortably in the chair, you can also adjust the height.

The leather version might be very appealing in black, but we also invite you to check it out in its Brown and Red variants. One of the many perks of leather furniture is that it will always look luxurious, no matter what color you choose.