A very important part of any house is lighting. You can have the best furniture on the market, you can buy all of the chairs, couches, sofas, and tables, but all of that is useless if people can’t see a thing in your house.

Mid-century modern lighting introduced a lot of advancements and concepts that nowadays are not only paramount but necessary and prominent to create great living spaces. Another good thing about mid-century modern lighting is that is can be both minimalist and exuberant, there is something for everyone.

Let’s take a look at some of the most iconic lighting choices that you can find on the market today and that will do more than just brighten up your home.

The Arco Lamp

Rivers of ink still flow from various home design websites in praise of the beautiful, minimalistic, and heavy Arco Lamp. Created by Italian designers some 60 years ago, it is comprised by a single curved pole sustained by an extremely heavy marble block that takes two people to lift.

The Arco Lamp was inspired by a streetlamp and can make any room, no matter how big, entirely brighter.

Pendant Lights

The mid-century modern style is timeless because it also introduces futuristic concepts that work on any environment. Pendant lights are great in pairs for the ceilings of almost any space but preferably kitchens or bedrooms.

They are not necessarily old-school but contemporary (depending on the furniture and décor you choose to combine them with).


The mid-century modern style can be chandeliers all around when you look at pictures on Pinterest. Many of them feature a very particular sort of “explosion” structure with a lot of bulbs, an exuberant choice which is perfect for those who like to show off their style.

Broad Table Lamps

Mid-century modern also brings about a collection of table lamps with big, circular shades (instead of the more common, triangle-shaped ones). Imagine a cozy living room with little or no lighting suddenly come to life at night with a single table lamp, in the meantime, you’re seating on an Eames chair (or Womb chair) enjoying a very good book.