We’ve talked about how people mostly tend to focus on the living room when decorating and putting together an interior design scheme. This is not a mistake, but it does keep you away from the other parts of your home that need to be taken care of.

The mid-century modern aesthetic is full of lounge chairs and armchairs that are recognizable around the world, but there are also cabinets, dining chairs and tables, and bedroom furniture that you can seize to make your home a much better place to live in.

Let’s look at some ideas for every part of the house: more specifically, the bedroom, the bathroom, the kitchen, and the outdoor areas.

The bedroom

Aside from Manhattan Home Design’s bedroom sets, there are a lot of furniture staples that you can take advantage of in our catalog. Consider changing the size of your bed to something that fits your space better, and brings about more space to maneuver around the room.

Many people tend to purchase bigger beds than they usually need, and they end up forgetting the other things that might need a place in a comfortable, mid-century modern bedroom. Cabinetry is very important, as well as nightstands and other staples. Something at the foot of your bed might also be a good addition, and if you have enough space, you can even consider getting yourself a lounge chair and ottoman combo.

The kitchen

This is another place where people tend to forget about what makes a space great. In particular, if you have a kitchen island, it would be great to find some stools, which can be a great mid-century modern addition to the kitchen.

Aside from this, some people have spaces like breakfast nooks, or they have the need for dining tables inside the kitchen space. You can get yourself a round Tulip table and a set of armless Eames chairs like the ones from Manhattan Home Design in order to put together a comprehensive mid-century modern space.

The bathroom

One of the most forgotten parts of the house when it comes to interior design. The bathroom is the last thing many people choose to decorate or work in. You can consider a few perks like benches, including our Nelson bench replica, to furnish your bathroom in a more comprehensive way.

Bathrooms, aside from this point, are indeed hard to furnish. The best thing you can do in regards to interior design is find small stools to help you around or buy mid-century modern accessories like table lamps.

The outdoors

Manhattan Home Design has a wide collection of outdoor furniture, including full sets for you and your family to enjoy themselves at backyards or pool spaces. However, you don’t have to go completely after these sets if you don’t have a big outdoor space in your home.

You can also consider getting yourself a lounge chair with ottoman that’s made of leather, which is quite resistant to the elements, or set up a kind of external living room with a wooden coffee table and chairs, which are usually the staple of the mid-century modern aesthetic in the outdoors.

Whatever you choose, you can get all of these items and more at Manhattan Home Design. We have everything you need for you to make your home into a great mid-century modern space, as we specialize in furniture from this period, with some contemporary touches.