The Park City Peaks Hotel in Utah was completely refurnished by Manhattan Home Design last year with incredible results.

Hidden away in a quiet, little corner of the snowy Park City, this winter lodge is now a temple to mid-century modern design.

With more than 60 Eames Lounge Chair replicas, provided in bulk and placed around the rooms and common areas, the hotel is now living proof of the genius of mid-century designers.

What’s in the bedrooms?

While the bedrooms were extremely cozy at the beginning, with huge beds and fat couches, the inclusion of a couple of Eames loungers along with a Womb chair (in a few suites), revolutionized their look and made them really mid-century modern.

Apart from that there’s lots of wooden tables, Eames DSW chair replicas, ottomans, and even a bed set. Manhattan Home Design has proven that you can add more space and style to a warm room without compromising comfort.

What about the hotel itself?

Keeping the gorgeous wooden interiors into consideration, Manhattan Home Design set out to make the common areas as appealing as possible, and quite luxurious.

Small mid-century table lamps and Eames loungers replace most of the old furniture and give way to sleek couches and armchairs.

This also includes a few tan sofas that the company has strategically placed around the hotel, along with some reproductions inspired by Le Corbusier pieces and a replica of the Eames molded plywood side chair on a quiet corner.

We wonder: how many people know that they’re sitting on an iconic staple of modernist design and an early pioneer of plywood manufacturing?

Always the best in mid-century furniture

MHD has once again proved that they are a leading brand in mid-century reproductions, right here in the United States.

The beautiful and outstanding work that was made at the Peaks Hotel in Park City can be replicated individually for your house or apartment. Just give them a call or drop them a line!