eames lounge chair

Looking for a great Eames chair replica in today’s market can be daunting. Too many choices, too little time (or budget), infinite reviews, and so on.

Many people give up on buying an Eames when they see the huge prices, even though there are some great affordable options out there.

Luckily for mid-century furniture enthusiasts, the front page of the internet has many forums dedicated to home design.

We’ve rounded up some comments gathered from r/MaleLivingSpace, r/Mid_Century, and r/eames to help you find the best replica for your budget.

The best replica according to Reddit

Most of the threads in r/MaleLivingSpace point out to a few key differente options, including Manhattan Home Design, Barcelona Designs, and Rove Concepts.

Other options like the one offered at Modterior USA have a great starting price but they might not follow true-to-design specifications.

The Eames replica sold by Barcelona Designs appears in a great number of posts. It costs $1149 and comes with free shipping.

Another Eames reproduction that shoes up a lot in the threads is the Plycraft versions, which most users do not recommend. It is heavily modified and the final product loses some of the original design’s reclining properties.

Manhattan Home Design pops us in a number of threads with great reviews. Their reproduction was voted number one on Houzz, an online hub for furniture seekers and home decorators.

Starting at $994, the shipping price is $200, according to reviewing redditors. The reproduction is completely based on the original design, and the quality of the materials is great for the price.

Community advice on purchasing an Eames chair

Most commenters agree that buying from Craigslist can be very affordable, though they also point out that getting ripped off is very easy.

If you’re really interested on getting an Eames, you should steer away from it at the beginning.

Regarding the quality of the replicas, most commenters agree that it’s better to spend between $1000 and $1,500 for a good one.

Forums like this are a good place to start your research, as you will have to get acquainted with the real specifications and design of an Eames chair