eames lounge chair

A lot of people like to furnish their homes by themselves, and that’s a very good thing. However, not everybody can be a very good interior designer on their own. In fact, that’s why people actually pay professionals to design the interior of their spaces. You don’t have to be an expert to do it yourself, but there’s a few pointers that you might miss if you don’t know where to start.

At Manhattan Home Design we care about your living space. We don’t just want to sell you good furniture. We know that, once you buy it, you might have some difficulties putting everything together, so here’s a handy guide that you can follow for making your space the best it can be.

1. Putting furniture against walls

Most interior designers agree that the worst you can do is putting your sofas, lounge chairs, or dining chairs against a wall forever. You’re probably going to have some problems in the long run with the materials, including some of the paint in the walls probably staining the furniture. You’d be surprised at how much more space you’ll have if you separate everything from the walls and get rid of the excess furniture.

2. Excess furniture

Following up from tip #1 we have this very common mistake. We get that furniture is something that’s very personal, and people tend to purchase more than they need, but for a good interior design scheme you don’t need that much anyway: you only need to get a principal centerpiece for every room and then decorate around it with additions that make sense.

3. Picking the wrong size for your decor items

Some people will sometime purchase something just because of how it looks, and that can make your space harder to use, and harder to navigate accordingly. For a general rule of thumb, your rugs should always be larger than the things on top of them (a sofa, for example), and your coffee table should be almost as large as your couch or living room setting.

4. Height and leg clearance

This is a common problem for people who own large dining tables or have kitchen islands: sometimes you can get a little carried away and purchase a chair that has arms which are at the same height as the table or just a little below the surface of the table, which makes it harder to sit comfortably on them. Measure the height of your table when you go out to buy dining chairs: it’s quick and it will save you a world of trouble.

5. Clutter and over decorating

A lot of people will say that this has to do with personal preference and that not everyone is tidy or has the same kind of space. This is, of course, very true, but everyone, regardless of tidiness, can become a slave to clutter, and we don’t mean being disorganized but just having too many things on display. Minimalism can help you navigate and enjoy your space better. Choose only between 3 or 5 decor items for a particular showing.

6. Living room sets?

A lot of people look down upon living room sets, and we at Manhattan Home Design would be a little disingenuous if we told you they’re bad too. After all, we sell our own mid-century modern living room sets. The mistake, we believe, lies in thinking that a set is everything you need to make your interior design work. They’re just building blocks, they don’t even need to be all together! Think outside the box when buying a living room set, don’t just set all the pieces around each other.

7. Navigation and a personal touch

If you buy a lot of furniture without thinking about size and the way you will get around them while walking through your own space, you might have navigation problems. Remember to plan everything in advance and that way you will also avoid cluttering their space. The less furniture you have, and the more planned it is in advance, the better a chance you will have of adding your own personal touch and enjoying yourself.