Buying new furniture is one of the greatest steps you can take when starting a new life. Keeping some furniture with you after you move out is also a pivotal decision that will impact your future years.

People who get to start with a clean slate (such as people who buy an unfurnished apartment) have the privilege to imagine a space a lot more than people who move to a previously furnished space.

On the other hand, the latter kind of people have the privilege of being able to work with something instead of buying everything. In any case, you’ll have to buy something eventually, so take these tips with you on your next interior design adventure.

Living room

People who make good choices when buying furniture know how much they will spend on a given area of their spaces. The kitchen, for example, is usually not a first concern unless it’s big. Most people start by thinking about the living room. This is where you are most likely to spend a lot of money, but you should actually try to save as much as you can in this area.

The only purchase you should make (at the moment) is a sofa instead of lounge chairs, coffee tables, or décor. Getting the right sofa can make or break a home, and a sofa is one of the items that people tend to keep the most. Not only after they move out but when also they’re redecorating.

Then there’s lighting, which is a given in most new apartments. You’ll have ceiling lights, but you should try to spend some on a lightweight floor lamp that you can carry around while you purchase other items.

These are your two priorities. If your budget is broad, you can also think about getting a big ottoman, or a group of dining chairs that can double as living room chairs.

The bedrooms

Everyone needs a private space to sleep, so you should save the bigger part of your bedroom budget for the bed. Get one of Manhattan Home Design’s affordable bedroom sets, or just one of the Queen beds and a dresser. From here you can work out the rest: another floor lamp so you can avoid buying a nightstand and a table lamp, or both items if your budget allows for it.

You shouldn’t worry about spending too much money on this area, as you’ll want to get a quality bed that allows you to rest well and furniture that will make you happy. If you get yourself a bad bed, you will have to deal with that every night, but if you get a nightstand that you realized you didn’t need, there’s a lot more you can do with it.