Not everyone has the luxury of enjoying an instagrammable living space such as the ones depicted around social media. Most people, in fact, live on fairly small apartments in which the space much be seized completely in order to achieve both comfort and style.

For people who don’t have as many options as those who live in big houses, there is a set of rules that can help the process of turning any space into a habitable room. The living room is probably the most important place in any apartment, and the one in which we tend to spend the most time (if you don’t count the hours you spend sleeping in your bedroom).

With that being said, let’s look at three tips that can help you improve the quality of your living room space without compromising comfort in a small setting:

Get a sectional sofa

Get a couch that you can pair up with other elements to create harmony around your living room, and also one that you can move around to try different configurations to maximize living space.

Consider the Empress loveseats, which are very comfortable, light, and durable. Also, check out our recent article on the best sofas for the winter, directly taken out from Manhattan Home Design‘s huge catalog.

You can also consider getting a lounge chair and ottoman combo if you have enough space in the living room. Most apartments, depending on its occupants, would do better by getting a combo because it can be used to make the space more flexible. Consider our best-selling Eames Lounge chair replica, or the best-selling Womb chair and ottoman pair.

Understand your center

Draw a tentative map of your living room and identify the center. This is the place from which everything else will spring, and also where everything else will ultimately converge. This makes the process of organizing your living room much easier.

Once you’ve identified the center, consider purchasing a living room set. This can help take the hassle out of redecorating (and many of them include sectional sofas!)

The sofa sets by Manhattan Home Design are a great example of working towards a center that could be a square-shaped or round coffee table like the Noguchi table or the widely popular collection of Tulip Table replicas by Manhattan Home Design.

Think about what you will do in the living room

Yes, we all use the living room for leisure, but ask yourself: will you be doing occasional work there? Will you sometimes have to eat lunch in there? Are there going to be a lot of meetings? Does it have constant traffic? Answer these questions to get a better sense of your home and then purchase furniture accordingly. Not all living rooms are created equal!