The Eames Lounge Chair is a gorgeous design feat. However, it must be assembled properly in order to be enjoyed at its fullest.

Manhattan Home Design offers two different assembly options for the iconic recliner: you can get it fully-assembled by one of our in-house experts for an additional $199, or you can get it 90% assembled for the regular price.

The regular choice will leave you with a three-piece kit that you will be able to put together in no time. However, it’s always best to do some reading and preparing before getting into it. Here we present a 5-step assembly guide in more detail to help the process.

1. Make sure the box is facing upwards

The people that are bringing the chair to you will know to follow these instructions to avoid structural damage to its parts, but you should also follow them for the very same reason. It is more important than it sounds!

2. Unpack all the elements carefully

You will find the base first, put it where you want the chair to go. Another tip, always remember assembling at the place you’d want the chair to sit, as moving it while assembled can be dangerous. Don’t move the pieces around to avoid scratching or breaking, take all the time you need.

3. Fix the base of the chair to the seat

Install the adjacent rod to the base of the chair, take the base out, and you’ll find the seat. Join the base with the seat in an upside-down fashion with the seat still in the box (it is easier this way). When both pieces are fixed together, take the seat out and put it on the floor.

4. Armrests, backrest, and screws

Pull all the remaining contents from the box. The hinges are already installed as you can see. All you need to do is some light screwing and you’ll be sitting on your Eames in no time. Tighten the backrest before the armrests, and remember to do so with the chair already on the floor.

5. Fix up the armrests and enjoy your chair

Carefully place the armrests on the sides and screw the hinges. Make sure the back of the chair is well fixed by reclining it a bit. It the armrests don’t fit right away, try pushing the back of the chair a bit until you can insert the screws properly.