My favorite space in any house is always the kitchen. People often don’t realize how many decorating opportunities they have in the kitchen, even though it is one of the most flexible points of any living arrangement. You can have large kitchens surrounding a central dining table, kitchen islands, counters, and more.

Mid-century modern kitchens actually have a distinct configuration. Most MCM houses and big apartments had galley-style kitchens, which were a transitional point between different spaces of the house. These kitchen spaces didn’t usually allow for extra furniture, but were extremely convenient and functional.

Two minimalist Eames dining chairs. (C) Elle Decor.

Creating your own MCM kitchen space

If you don’t have a mid-century galley kitchen, how can you match it to the rest of your MCM home? There are many great ways to do so. For starters, if you have a small dining space or breakfast nook with a round table, consider getting one that’s Scandinavian in style, or an Eero Saarinen dining table.

Marble tops look great in lightly colored spaces, while for warmer colors you can get a dark wooden tabletop. If you choose to get just a common MCM table (probably wooden) with round tapered legs stretched outward, that’s also going to look just great.

For the chairs, the catalog of MCM icons becomes much larger. On one hand, you have the growing array of Eames-inspired dining chairs and the Saarinen tulip chairs. You also get to choose between Bertoia stools and Phillipe Starck’s chairs, for example. There’s really something for everyone. You can’t forget about modern counter stools either!

Adding additional décor

Photo property of Sarah Phipps.

I’m committed to write an article about why plants are so important to the mid-century modern style today. In the olden days you wouldn’t see them that much inside houses or apartments, but I believe they have become an integral part of contemporary MCM décor.

Lighting is also a feature that has become much more important today. You can now find large Artichoke lamps hanging from kitchen ceilings. If that’s a little bit too much for you, there are milder Henningsen lamps that you can use, and you can also choose geometric hanging lamps with small bulbs over your counter or island.