When living in the world’s most vibrant cities, like the famous NYC metropolis, your home’s dimensions usually undergo the most significant cuts – anything to see the Empire State Building from your 2×2 balcony.

For hundreds of thousands of city residents, this is one of the many feats to conquer. Mid-twentieth century furnishings is an excellent addition to any indoor space, especially if you’re interested in renewing or having an air of luxuriousness in your home.

All you need is to understand how to organize your furnishings and make smart purchases. The most popular furnishing duo from the mid-century, the Eames Lounge Chair & Ottoman generally begs for the most interior layout space and organization, particularly in small spaces. You’ll find examples below examples of the Eames Chair within small, confined areas. There are many ways to approach these situations. Here are a few tips to prove that a spacious room is not 100% obligatory to own an Eames Lounge Chair replica.

Eames lounge Chair

Despite the tiny dimension, this living room is not sacrificing style. The small couch’s restricted fixtures are compensated by the Eames Lounge Chair being proper beside it.

With a side table beside the couch, there is no space going to waste between the furniture pieces. The mix and match between shape, form, and color make for a fun and diverse lounge space that can result in the ultimate relaxation corner. The small coffee table adds convenience by being attention-grabbing as well as space-saving.

Eames lounge Chair

This living room is a perfect example of how to occupy as much space as possible in one place. There are two space-saving tables, each serving their function. For added space and organization, a small basket serves as a magazine and paper holder by the sectional.

This room is an excellent example of an accent room that could have easily been any other shabby room. They even managed enough space to add a small tree to add color and contrast to the couch and the Eames Lounge Chair.

As for the Eames Lounge Chair & Ottoman replica itself, we suggest placing it in a back corner. This will attract more attention to it from guests when they enter the room, visually creating a more open space in this room. 

Eames lounge Chair

This living room is perfectly color-matched with the Eames Lounge Chair. The black leather-based matches perfectly with the black shelves. This room makes great use of the wall with the bookshelf. With such a restrained area, a great way to make true use of the space is by placing art pieces on the bookshelf. 

We endorse transferring this chair to an unseen wall, giving it it’s own space and not having such attention calling background that takes away much-deserved attention. If this isn’t feasible, the front room chair could be edged toward the right facet of the photograph.