We are always updating our catalog, and our New Arrivals are better than ever! As we get close to Black Friday, consider getting one of these pieces into your home. You should know that we’re currently offering 20% off plus Free Shipping site-wide with your purchase with the code NEW20.

1. Eastern Dining Table – Glass ($742.80)

This is one of the lesser known tables from Isamu Noguchi, designed more or less at the same time as the iconic Noguchi table. This design is perfect for apartments and homes that favor minimalist tendencies and materials like glass and leather. The black metal base is firmly supported by chrome wire legs that, in turn, support the tempered glass table top. A great buy for those looking for a sophisticated dining experience.

2. Shell chair replica ($699)

Already a part of our best-selling line, the Shell chair is also one of the most recognizable mid-century modern items. Featuring a natural reclining angle that’s a signature of the mid-century modern experience, you can’t go wrong with this chair in your living room, especially at this price. Compared to the original design by Hans Wegner, the only difference is the cost. Perfectly tailored for those who love wood (as well as riskier designs).

3. Cube LC2 Petit Loveseat ($1,090.80)

This is also a lesser known replica of the LC furniture line by one of the most famous mid-century modern architects and furniture designers, Le Corbusier. The Petit Loveseat is expertly crafted in high-quality leather to provide you with one of the most comfortable seating experiences you will have in your life.

4. Celona chair ($836.40)

A very comfortable rendition of the Barcelona chair by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, though we have to admit this one also has certain features from the Wassily chair by Marcel Breuer. We combined these two chairs to create something that’s new and appealing for spaces that favor a modernist aesthetic.

5. Black Wire Counter chair ($356.40)

Inspired by the designs by Harry Bertoia, the Black Wire counter chair is perfect for kitchen islands and bar tables, following the same manufacturing practices as the original design. Don’t be fooled by the steel mesh, it is actually quite flexible and comfortable thanks to its wired design.