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Remembering Genius Mid-century Modern Designer Florence Knoll (1917 – 2019)

In January of this year the design world lost one of their few living geniuses from the modernist period. A leading voice and craftswoman in the American furniture world, Florence Knoll just passed away at 101 years old. Born Florence Marguerite Schust in Saginaw, Michigan, she is considered responsible for popularizing and improving most concepts …

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Manhattan Home Design’s Top 5 Mid-Century Furniture Staples

Manhattan Home Design is celebrating another trimester of making customers happy through the power of quality furniture. We are currently offering many promos that will help you accomplish your home-related dreams, so step right in! Modern furniture can be expensive and hard to get, and at Manhattan Home Design we’ve tried very hard to produce …

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Short Guide: How to Say The Names of Your Favorite Mid-century Designers Correctly

Talking about furniture and interior design, especially from the modernist period, leads some people to make pronunciation mistakes. That doesn’t mean you should refrain from talking about your favorite designers, but saying their names in the right way can totally help your conversational skills (and might impress your friends). Most designer’s names have become Americanized, …