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How To Modernism Mid-Century Designer Furniture Mid-century Modern Interior Design

Short Guide: How To Arrange Living Room Furniture In A Small Apartment

Not everyone has the luxury of enjoying an instagrammable living space such as the ones depicted around social media. Most people, in fact, live on fairly small apartments in which the space much be seized completely in order to achieve both comfort and style. For people who don’t have as many options as those who …

Eames Lounge chair & ottoman How To Modernism Mid-Century Designer Furniture

Short guide: How To Assemble The Eames Lounge Chair Replica by Manhattan Home Design

The Eames Lounge Chair is a gorgeous design feat. However, it must be assembled properly in order to be enjoyed at its fullest. Manhattan Home Design offers two different assembly options for the iconic recliner: you can get it fully-assembled by one of our in-house experts for an additional $199, or you can get it …

How To Modernism Mid-Century Designer Furniture

Short Guide: How to Say The Names of Your Favorite Mid-century Designers Correctly

Talking about furniture and interior design, especially from the modernist period, leads some people to make pronunciation mistakes. That doesn’t mean you should refrain from talking about your favorite designers, but saying their names in the right way can totally help your conversational skills (and might impress your friends). Most designer’s names have become Americanized, …