Every mid-century modern inspired bedroom or living room needs a high-contrast sideboard to complete a perfect picture of style, luxury, and comfort.

We have chosen five different sideboards that cover all the categories of design: from minimalist and quiet to robust and colorful, you’ll want to have them all!

However, as you probably know, it is desirable to keep only one or two in a household, as they take up a lot of space on their own. Have a look yourself and choose the one you like best:

Herald Sideboard ($1,472)

Designed for longer spaces like the back or front wall of a living room, the Herald comes in Dark Walnut only. Featuring two large cabinets and a third module composed by two drawers, it is also a good choice for bedrooms.

The particular shape of this sideboard, though, might make its width might make it undesirable for traffic if the bed is too large or the overall space to narrow for it to sit comfortably below a mirror. Be sure to take measurements before you buy, but if you have enough space, this sideboard is definitely for you.

White & Walnut Sideboard ($539)

An excellent option for those on a budget or people with smaller spaces. The White & Walnut sideboard already comes with contrasting colors from its two types of wood and doesn’t need to be paired by other pieces of furniture.

It has enough space for a small TV and could even live comfortably on a large bathroom space. It all depends on how you exactly plan your space and the things you need to keep on it. Check out our guides on interior design to learn more about seizing your space in the best way possible.

Delegation Stand ($1,880)

The Delegation stand could be described with the phrase “mid-century modern,” but we’d like to describe it with another word: “classic.” That’s the vibe this sideboard gives off at first glance.

Dark in color, with a large cabinet and four drawers, the Delegation is better suited for bedrooms, bathrooms or kitchens (we bet you didn’t think of that but it looks gorgeous). This is one of our best offerings. As you can see, we don’t have that many sideboards on catalog, but this is one of the iconic ones, definitely.

Concourse Stand ($1,442)

A favorite for color lovers, it sports a palette that will bring most other sideboards to shame. The shape makes it ideal for colorful living room spaces full of wood and with a very, very big television set.

This one was created for the movie buffs out there, along the gamers and the home-theater enthusiasts. Pair it up with an Eames Lounge chair (which has been praised by gamers and similar leisure fans) and you’ve got yourself quite the MCM combo.

Concourse Console Table ($2,247)

This one is a bulkier version of the Concourse, designed for narrower living rooms. It could also go on bedrooms, but its colorful style might prove undesirable for these spaces. Structurally, it adds a third drawer and keeps the same beautiful finish.

These are our five picks for this winter season. Consider any of them a great choice for refurnishing your space and add that mid-century modern look to every corner of your home, without having to resort to the best sellers. Remember our Flash Sale and be sure to use those promo codes at checkout!