The Eames couple are regarded in the United States as one of the greatest (if not the absolute greatest) creators of mid-century design, architecture, and art.

They produced hundreds of designs that now survive in their California home, currently the seat of the Eames foundation. Choosing the best-of-the-best out of their work could be, for many, an unnecessary and even ridiculous endeavor. After all, everything they did, they did with love, patience, and wisdom.

However, we’re here to present to you four of their most iconic creations, courtesy of Manhattan Home Design.

Eames lounge chair ($994)

As famous as it is controversial, the Eames lounge chair is a luxury recliner that was meant to be sold to the masses. The pair, however, would never imagine that their fame would turn the lounger into the epitome of comfort, quality, and home design.

Some people say Eero Saarinen, another American home design genius, did a lot of work on the chair and was ultimately cut out by Charles, but the fact remains that the recliner is the crown jewel of their legacy. The price you see above is for the high-quality, true-to-design replica sold by MHD.

Eames plywood chair ($356.40)

This is the type of object that people look at and go: “I didn’t know you could do that with a piece of wood!” The plywood chair was one of their first experiments in design, and as far as chair design today goes, it’s unbeatable.

Time magazine regarded the plywood chair as the Best Design of the 20th century, the perfect marriage between beauty, comfort, and function. Architecture and art as one entity, molded out of nature itself. For less than $1,000 you can get yourself a couple of MHD’s reproductions for your living space.

Eames hang-it-all ($299)

Charles and Ray Eames also liked to design toys, though they never had children of their own. The Eames hanger was born from this particular artistic endeavor, and was directly aimed at children.

However, the popularization of mid-century furniture robbed the piece from its initial purpose and turned it into a staple of home décor. At Manhattan Home Design, you can get it forthe above price.

Eames Aluminum Office chair ($389)

The Eames office chair is a staple of office spaces around the world. You might have seen it in many workspaces before you even know where it came from or what it actually is. Since this chair is so ubiquitous, it has become one of the most copied objects in the works, and it is quite hard to find one that actually meets the original specifications laid out by the Eames couple.

Manhattan Home Design sells a replica of the original design that follows these specifications and pays homage to the original office line that the Eameses created. The ribbed management chair is the most common design and the crown jewel of our collection, but there are a few other options (like a high-back variant) waiting for you in our store.