Bedroom sets are on the spotlight today in Manhattan Home Design. From nightstands to sideboards (and headboards), they contain everything a homeowner needs to make a bedroom feel like mid-century modernism, but they’re not all the same.

Some sets, like Manhattan Home Design’s Freja, ditch most of the add-ons to provide buyers with a sizable bedroom solution. There is a minimalistic concept behind the Freja set design that gets a bit overwhelmed by the bed’s sheer scale, but the result can be very attractive if you’re also a fan of Asian design.

When the bed is the set and the set is the bed

Unlike other MHD bedroom sets, the Freja 3-piece comes in only two mods and with the same number of “pieces” in both of them. The bed itself is the main player, with wooden appendixes protruding from the top sides, serving as adjacent nightstands.

The style is very reminiscent of modern Asian bed frames, which means that it pairs greatly with items that share this kind of trend. Some assembly is required, but mainly to set up the large headboard, which comes either in fabric or vinyl.

The Freja set with the vinyl headboard comes in four different woods while the fabric version offers you the chance to change the color of the headboard. The frame itself is perfect to keep night lamps and smaller items.

But really… what’s so appealing about this set?

First and foremost, this is a huge deal for the price. The frame is completely wooden and comes with a support system and a center beam on the design (to put it plainly, it’s solid and durable).

As the frame of the bed is somewhat elevated, the user is nested comfortably on the mattress, which won’t be able to move during the night.Many people don’t know this but when you have a regular bed, that bed usually moves if you move your body while sleeping.

We invented box springs not only to get beds off the ground but also to absorb some of that movement. The Freja set literally encases your bed, which for some people can mean a much better night, with lots of additional sleeping hours. Find out whether it works for you by taking a look. Both mods of the Freja set are $1,721 and $1,930.