Blue is the world’s favorite color. At least 40% of all the people name it as their preferred hue. Blue is a favorite in office spaces, uniforms, and flags. We seem to have a connection to it that’s more natural than with other colors. Maybe it is because we see it more. Psychologically speaking, it’s very calming, most people say that it inspires a sense of safety and serenity.

There are some aspects of blue that deviate from that notion, however: for some people it means sadness, and in darker tones it might mean coldness, a lack of emotion. All of these meanings translate to the furniture, so what are good examples of great azure items?

Kids Ball Chair ($958.80)

Serious and dark blue tones can become appealing and futuristic if they keep their brightness. White is a great companion to this type of blue, as you can see on our beautiful Ball Chair replica for kids. Inspired by the original design by Eero Aarnio, the semicircular base is completely made from durable fiberglass and coated with a glossy white finish.

The blue upholstery is made from high-quality fabrics. This chair, as we’ve said before, is a great companion not only for children’s bedrooms but also for smaller living rooms. The pop-culture status that it retains has made it famous all around the world, but it usually appears in bright red. Blue makes it sleeker and just a little less overwhelming.

Rocker Arm Chair ($291.60)

The light blue tone of this Eames replica makes it free and uncaring (but in a good way). It reminds a lot of people of the beach: these shades of blue represent the fresh side of life. These types of chairs, in this particular color, do a great job at adding slight accents of personality to a lightly-colored space.

Wing chair and ottoman in Wool ($1,244.40)

This blue is just as fresh and light but packs a lot more power because of its brightness. However, this chair is very elegant and confident, so it will do great in any space if you let the energetic luminous blue take the center stage.

Surround it with lighter colors and materials like glass, and the energy of the blue will translate to the rest of the space. Inspired by the original Hans Wegner design.

Chapel Lounge Chair Blue ($529)

Sometimes you need to be a little more serious and focus on the cozy and calming aspects of blue. The aspects that makes you feel at home. This chair is excellent for living rooms and dining rooms that favor warm lighting, and people who just want to be comfortably seated in silence and happiness. This is a very Scandinavian type of blue, so to speak.

Bubble Hanging Chair Blue ($1,066.80)

Another offset from the original Eero Aarnio chair, this one hangs on the ceiling with a beautiful transparent acrylic finish in electric blue. Also a great item for kids. This is a more adamant blue, but the transparency of the frame keeps it balanced. We recommend you don’t change the black upholstery, as it will look best with this particular color.