When we talk about neutral colors, we are referring to black, white, and gray (which is in between both of them). White is every color in the spectrum combined, while black is the overall absence of color. They can be expressive, but their emotional range is a bit more limited because they are achromatic (literally colors without color).

Grey is the combination of those two limited emotional ranges, which makes it a little broader but still pretty limited. This is where its aesthetic might lie: on the fact that it kind of absorbs and negates emotion, which probably makes it the most calming color.

The idea that conveys the idea of relaxation in the best way. However, too much relaxation can lead to boredom, sadness and depression, so gray should always be an accent, not a base.

Papa Bear Chair & Ottoman ($1,857)

This wingback’s classic tone is reminiscent of older types of furniture (something that they gray color makes more apparent). It looks aged, but modern. It’s timeless, but solid, present. Sleek but not thin, and most importantly: cozy. This is a lounge chair and ottoman combo for adults.

This is also a great example of dark grays in action: as they are closer to black, they are imbued with that toughness and fullness. This makes dark grays less prone to become dull, and perfect for neutrally colored spaces. The darker the better.

Button Arm Chair In Wool ($764)

The metallic brightness of this chair’s square frame looks great alongside this mild-dark grey. It’s closer to blue, which is one of the greatest colors you can ever hope to pair with greys and blacks. The fact that it has blue on it also means that is much more versatile and that is going to look great any and everywhere.

This is an example of how color can influence grey to give it more emotion and style. Remember that grey tones tend to absorb emotion, but that doesn’t mean they eliminate it. Grey is what makes certain colors look pastel, it balances everything that it comes in contact with.

Maya Beach Coffee Table White & Granite ($669)

First table to be featured on this color series. We thought about including it because it showcases the distinct way on which dark and light greys can work together. This table’s color is granite, however, which leads to a very important question regarding grey. What exactly is that color’s relationship to these types of textures? (including silver and metal). Silver, metals, and granite can be grey, formally speaking. What’s really important in regards to using them is texture.