Red is versatile and controversial. On one hand is love, passion, feeling. On the other is violence, danger, warning. Maybe those are two sides of the same coin. Different tones of red will oscillate between these two worlds: some reds will be warmer, cozier, while some reds will be flashier and more seductive. One thing is for certain: red is stimulating. That is the best word to describe it.

Red is a color that has a special place in interior design because of its broader emotional range. Pantone’s Color of the Year 2019, Living Coral, is a part of the red family of colors.

Womb chair and ottoman ($1,250)

The classic look that the first modern prototypes of the Womb chair during the 60s was this bright and happy red, which paired perfectly with the metallic tones of the stainless steel frame. Eero Saarinen designed the Womb chair to emulate the primal comfort of being inside our mother’s womb, so it might be one of the most comfortable chairs from the whole mid-century modernist period.

This replica is completely true to the original design, from the base legs to the energetic full red upholstery, which makes it uniquely particular and timelessly appealing.

Egg chair in red ($1,117)

This is a softer red, almost transitioning to a kind of bubble gum tone. It has a seriousness to it and it can be a great accent for rooms with wooden walls. It feels lovable and a lot warmer than the one from the Womb chair. It’s still a little hard on the eyes if you look at it for a long time (and most reds like this are), but it’s pinkish enough to be tasteful and elegant.

Spiers Sofa and Ottoman ($1,404)

This is a very Scandinavian piece of furniture. The Spiers sofa is going to be your second bed if your purchase it, and what better way of upholstering it than with a mild red? These one still retains some of the punch and brightness of its color family, but tones that energy down low enough to transform that energetic passion into a soft embrace. The dark walnut frame compliments that bashful red entirely, providing seriousness and elegance to it.