Yellow is not the most beloved color in the world, but it isn’t the most loathed color either. You won’t ever see it on a plane though, as yellow is known to cause feelings of nausea and dizziness when the tone is too bright. However, you’ve seen yellow in houses, and people just don’t go around throwing up in their living rooms, so what’s the deal with it?

We could say that yellow is very much an accent color, a little bit like red in that regard. You wouldn’t drape a space completely in it, as opposed to blue, for example. You need to know exactly how, and where to put it. Also, if you manage to choose just the right tone, you’ll also find that it can be very energizing, quirky, playful, and happy.

Engage Upholstered Armchair ($803)

Yellow can take a center place in your living space if the tone is mellow and approachable. This armchair would probably go great in spaces with marble white or cream-colored walls.

The darkness of the wood adds much-needed contrast. If this chair was a little darker in color it would still look great, but it would probably stand out just a little bit too much.

Casper Dining Side Chair ($153)

I thought about including gold in this article because of its association with the yellow family of colors, but I decided against it. To us, gold definitely deserves its own article.

A lot of people have gilded furniture, but the color is usually seen in small accent structures like on this chair. That’s what makes it so elegant: it’s scarcity. The accents on the Casper dining chair are not gold but a very discreet yellow. We think you’ll agree with us that it looks just about fantastic that way.

Curvy Dining Side Chair ($146)

When I mentioned yellow could be playful, I have to admit I was picturing this dining chair. It doesn’t look like much, but you can see that the color gives it a distinct personality. To compare, follow the link above and try out the other colors: black, white, blue. How do they feel to you? Go back to yellow and you’ll see what I mean.

Talix Chair ($214.80)

Now we’re taking it up a notch. If the color is just a little more powerful it can totally brighten up any room. This yellow is energetic, lively, active. The complete opposite of the first piece I showed in this article. Not very well suited for living rooms or even large-size kitchens.

This is a chair for a quirky breakfast nook, and art gallery, or hip restaurant. Yellow is more versatile than you might think, and when you use it right it always steals the show. You feeling nauseous yet? No? We thought so!

Easter Chair ($1,009)

This is not the first time we have used this Arnio-inspired replica. If you browse thourgh the past color guides, you’ll probably see it a couple times in other tones. This would be a very hard furniture item to place around the house.

It might work best as a companion to other similar yellows, a clean white environment, and some light wooden tones. We think it would look great on an MCM bedroom, provided you don’t add any more stimuli through your color palette.