The role of glass items in interior design is very broad. It’s first use was to build windows, to allow us a peek into the outside world while still enjoying the comfort of our home. Glass decoration relies on its surroundings for fullness: it is a way to provide support and storage without having a direct impact on the colors and the furniture itself.

It is also a way of occupying space with minimal effect on the inner workings of a living room, bedroom, or kitchen. Just functionality and a little bit of elegant aesthetic (and glass always looks elegant, that’s for sure).

Noguchi table ($639)

Isamu Noguchi really redefined the way glass could be used, and he did it by creating items like this table. Here’s a good example of glass working as a silent companion to a great design. If the tabletop was opaque, the beautiful legs beneath would lose much of its appeal; they would become hidden underneath, but they are actually the centerpiece. The glass top is just there for functionality (even if it contributes to the aesthetic).

Round End Side Table – Clear ($332)

This replica, this time from genius designer Eileen Gray, showcases the beautiful relationship between glass and metal, the foundation behind a lot of contemporary stylings. On this table, glass takes a similar role to that of the Noguchi table top, however, the metal surrounds it, making it disappear even more. How can we make glass more noticeable? What if we want glass to be present, to be the centerpiece? That brings us to our next two examples.

Hans Coffee Table – Glass ($670.80)

This is a very simple glass coffee table, right? What could be unique about it? Well, here’s the thing. You can’t try and have only unique pieces of furniture in your house. If you do that, you risk having an overwhelming aesthetic (your spaces will look a little bit too crazy). Sometimes, to create balance, you need simplicity.

Great design (overall) is about balance, in most cases. This table is a simple and affordable way to provide simple elegance to a living room. There’s nothing too adamant or eye-catching about it, that’s true, but it does have a very clean and stylish look, and you have the glass top to thank for that. The material’s inherent strength and beauty is the real centerpiece here.

Discovery Coffee Table Clear Glass ($809)

This is for those who love glass and still want to make that material the real centerpiece of a living room, entrance or foyer. Minimalistic but crafty, showcasing not only the strength and elegance of glass but also its flexibility. Semi-tempered glass with frosted bands.

You might be right if you think, at this point, that we’ve sort of snubbed the aesthetic qualities of glass. Talking too much about simplicity might give the impression that we believe glass is bland. Glass can be fun, quirky, and whimsical. This table achieves that while still being functional.

Bamboo Square Mirror Gold ($412.50)

Bonus item: to talk about glass, we really need to talk about mirrors. Glass goes very well with gold accents, even better (some might say) than with silver accents, which is much more common. Adding mirrors to a space (as you might have heard already) makes it look larger. Gold adds to the inherent elegance in glass, making it seem luxurious.