Did you know that wool is one of the oldest fabrics used by human beings? We can trace the use of wool and sheep fur to the Stone Age. That was more than 10,000 years ago. Wool was a thing of the first humans, and that’s why we love it so much. It’s able to keep you warm even if it gets wet, and it will keep you warm in a more flexible and effective fashion than, say, leather.

However, it’s very hard to get a good leather object damp, so we agree that every fabric has its pros and cons. That’s true. But wool has a unique feeling to it. Let’s see some items that represent its qualities.

Classic Lounge Chair and Ottoman (Oatmeal wool, $1,438)

Wool appears as a counterpart to leather in most luxury items. Sometimes because it’s more affordable, many times because leather is just not for everyone. This classic lounge chair has the regular palisander veneer from the classic Eames lounge chair replica but is completely upholstered in grayish wool, which gives it a very rustic quality. Functionality stays the same, however, don’t worry!

Button Sofa in wool ($1,196.40)

We have to admit that you’re going to see couches here, mostly. Wool is one of the most used materials for this kind of furniture. The reason for that is that wool provides a comfort and softness that other fabrics just can’t match. Sturdy enough to hold a lot of padding but flexible enough for you to sink without thinking that you’re falling. That’s the magic of wool.

Another thing you should know about it is that the inherent roughness of the fabric turns any shade of color into a pastel color. For comparison, the flatness of a leather surface keeps the colors bright, making them look much more overwhelming (if they’re a little too bright).

Puget Sofa Grey ($1,481)

Another great thing about wool is that you can have padded and sleek wool finishes alike. That makes it a little more multi-functional than leather. It can be very hard to have thickly-padded leather couches because leather is a lot tougher. Stuff it too much and it might end up breaking when you sit on it.

Swan chair fabric ($670.80)

Wool fabric makes the corners of the Swan chair much smoother, and it might help you enjoy its ergonomic contours much more. Wool seems to turn every item into a good place for resting. But you can be the judge on that. Do you have any wool items? What about leather? Compare fabrics in your home and see which one is most comfortable to you.

Loft Wool Loveseat ($1,593)

Depending on your furniture choice the wool on your items might be thick or thin. Thinner types of wool finishes allow for more padding to create seats like this. I mean, just by looking at it you can tell it’s going to be a comfortable ride. This is the kind of couch that you just won’t want to get out of. The loveseat you will offer your friends if they stay over. Etcetera.