Today we’re going to talk about the different types of tables. Just like knowing about types of lamps, or chairs, or whatever, choosing the right table is about understanding the different purposes of a table. You wouldn’t place a dining table on your bedroom, for example, but you also wouldn’t buy a nightstand to put on your living room or kitchen, right?

I mean, you can do it, but you should always do so consciously. Here are what I know to be the 9 different types of tables you can get for your house. Click on some of the links and you might find some gorgeous suggestions that are definitely worth your attention.

(C) Wikimedia commons.

Coffee table

You know all about coffee tables, we’re sure. You know that they’re supposed to go on living rooms and casual spaces. They are meant for you to put things on them casually, not permanently, but some centerpieces like plants and statues can help you make them interesting.

The Noguchi table might be the best coffee table from the mid-century modernist period: low enough to be comfortable for most spaces, and stylish enough to serve as decoration on its own. However, there some contenders out there.

Console table

These are also called sideboards and some people refer to them as dressers. The difference lies in usage. A console table is meant to serve as storage, but it doesn’t automatically refer to a cabinet. They can also be long and thin, meant to stand up against a wall in an entryway or living room. A dresser, on the other hand, is a bedroom item.

Side tables

This is a broader category where nightstands sort of make an appearance, but again, their purpose is different. Side tables are more like armchair and sofa companions, and many of them serve as decorative accents with not a lot of usage in mind.


Very weird category but more popular than you might think. They are much more flexible and useful than other types of tables, but they are a variant of side tables. They’re very sought after for aesthetic purposes. Here’s a peculiar example from our catalog.

Nesting tables

Nesting tables are like Russian dolls, you know those ones that have different sizes and stack inside each other? Those dolls. The idea is for you to have a flexible approach to side tables. You can use the biggest ones for that purpose, and the smaller ones as makeshift coffee tables. It’s a very elegant and practical solution.

Bar tables

Also called pub tables, you might think that they don’t belong in your house because of the name. However, putting up a dedicated space for a tall and thin bar table with a couple of chairs is an excellent idea to make any living room stand out and become flexible, especially if you’re fond of having people over.

Accent tables

This is an umbrella term to designate side tables that are meant to provide a decorative statement on their own, and don’t usually get to be used in a more practical way. An accent table can be any small and fairly tall table. Few coffee tables really get to bear this name.

By the way, if you were wondering, then yes, the Noguchi table does count as an accent table.